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Find if a value exists in an Array
Total Hit (1027)
IsConnectedToInternet - Check whether there is an Internet connection
Total Hit (2426)
URLEncode - Convert a string for using on a URL query string
Total Hit (2175)
IsWindowsNT - Check Windows platform
Total Hit (1274)
HTMLDecodeEx - Decodes HTML encoded strings
Total Hit (1506)
GetDiskFreeBytes - Determine number of free bytes on disk
Total Hit (1775)
GetAppFilename - Return the application's file name and path
Total Hit (1651)
MakePath - Create a nested directory
Total Hit (1315) «Code LangId=1»' create a nested directory ' ' it's similar to MkDir, but it also creates ' all intermediary sub-directories Sub MakePath(ByVal path As String) Dim i As Integer, ercode As Long On Error Resume Next Do ' get the next path chunk i = InStr(i ....Read More
GetAllExecutableFiles - The list of all executable files in a directory tree
Total Hit (1630) «Code LangId=1»' Returns a collection with the names of all the executable ' files in a directory or a directory tree ' this includes all "exe", "bat", "com", "pif" files ' ' NOTE: Uses the GetFiles, GetDirectories, and GetAllFiles routines Function GetAllExecutableFiles(ByVal path As String ....Read More
TimeToString - Convert time to a descriptive string
Total Hit (2567) «Code LangId=1»' convert a date value into a string in the format ' YY years, MM months, DD days, HH hours, MM minutes, SS.HH seconds) ' you can also opt for time short format (HH h, MM m, SS s) Function TimeToString(ByVal aDate As Date, Optional ShortTimeFormat As Boolean, _ Optional ....Read More
SplitMultiSeparators - Split variation that works with multiple separators
Total Hit (1328) «Code LangId=1»' a variation of the Split function that works with more than one separators ' note that separators can consists of 2 or more chars ' Example: ' Dim res() As String ' res() = SplitMultiSeparators("one,two(three four)five", " ", ",", "(", ")") Function SplitMultiSeparator ....Read More
Setting authentication across different domains
Total Hit (899) COM doesn't have a built in security mechanism, but relies on Windows authentication services (Security Service Providers). When you access a resource or invoke a method in a remote DCOM server (or MTS package / COM+ Application), security checks cannot be performed in the standard way if the client ....Read More
Play an AVI movie
Total Hit (3551) If you want to play an AVI movie from VB you can use MCI functions. The main MCI function is mciSendString, that sends command strings to the system and execute them: «Code LangId=1» Declare Function mciSendString Lib "winmm" Alias "mciSendStringA" (ByVal _ lpstrCommand As String, ByVal lps ....Read More
Check whether the current user is an administrator
Total Hit (3620) This function will determine whether or not a thread is running in the user context of the local Administrator account. You need to examine the access token associated with that thread using the GetTokenInformation() API, since this access token represents the user under which the thread is running. ....Read More
The number of dimensions of an array
Total Hit (3145) Using "pure" VB, the only way to build a generic routine that returns the number of dimensions of an array passed as an argument is using a loop that repeatedly tests the LBound (o UBound) function until it fails: «Code LangId=1» Function ArrayDims(arr As Variant) As Integer Dim i As Intege ....Read More
Fixed-length strings allocate and deallocate faster
Total Hit (1640) Fixed-length strings are generally slower than conventional strings, because all VB string functions and operators only recognize conventional strings, thus all fixed-length strings must be transparently converted to and from conventional strings. However, arrays of fixed-length strings occupy a ....Read More
Taking advantage of EFS (Encrypted File System) APIs in Win2K/XP
Total Hit (3608) The Encrypted File System, or EFS, was introduced in version 5 of NTFS to provide an additional level of security for files and directories. It provides cryptographic protection of individual files on NTFS volumes using a public-key system. Typically, the access control to file and directory objects ....Read More
Interprocess communication using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) - Part2
Total Hit (7156) In our previous article «b»«a href='CodeDetail.aspx?CodeId=3767'»Interprocess communication using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) - Part1«/a»«/b» of this this series we learned about basic concept of DDE and we also saw that how to implement DDE Server using DDEML Apis. Now in this article I will show y ....Read More
How to convert UCT (Universal Coordinated Time) to Local Date/Time and vice-versa.
Total Hit (3807) Many times you might be in situation where you have convert UTC time to Local time and Local time to UTC time. Here is the example how to do that. «b»Step-By-Step Example«/b» - Create a standard exe project - Add the following code in form code window «code LangId=1»Option Explicit Priva ....Read More
Check whether file is opened exclusively or not ?
Total Hit (2148) _lOpen, _lClose
Print a text in a specific position, if you don't indicate the x or y parameter the current position will be used
Total Hit (1586)
This is a link to a different site ExcelADO Demonstrates How to Use ADO to Read and Write Data in Excel Workbooks
Total Hit (1022) This sample illustrates how you can use ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) with the Microsoft Jet OLE DB 4.0 Provider to read and write data in Microsoft Excel workbooks.
This is a link to a different site Locking Removable Media Devices Using DeviceIoControl
Total Hit (1032) Using DeviceIoControl, together with the PREVENT_MEDIA_REMOVAL data user-defined type and the IOCTL_STORAGE_MEDIA_REMOVAL control code, it is possible for WinNT/Win2000 users to lock and unlock any removable device. A removable device might include, as it does on my system, CD-ROMs and LS-120 drive ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Customizing the ListView's Appearance via API
Total Hit (1108) Once again, the SendMessage API, in conjunction with the new extended style flags for the ListView control, provides a means to customize the appearance of the listview common control in a Visual Basic application. By combining the new LVBKIMAGE structure (Type), and specifying the LVBKIF_SOURCE_U ....Read More
This is a link to a different site How to Add Checkboxes to a ListView
Total Hit (905) This page demonstrates adding the ability to have checkmarks to the left of the item icon in report view. Under Win95 the check boxes are not not pretty. By setting a ListView extended style bit using the API SendMessage with the message LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES, the ListView rows will have a left-most ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Enumerating the Available Display Resolutions
Total Hit (1085) This routine uses Windows' EnumDisplaySettings API to retrieve all the available screen resolutions supported by the display. The results are populated to a ListView showing colour depths, resolutions and frequencies supported. In addition, the current system resolution is determined and flagged. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site This is simple and scaled down example of how to register a program to the NT eventlog and write to the log. The registration is based on L.J. Johnsons code. Author: Morten Brun
Total Hit (585)
This is a link to a different site Detecting Windows Settings Changes
Total Hit (1601) This tip demonstrates how to detect windows settings changes in your application. You will need to have installed and registered the Subclassing and Timer Assistant (SSubTmr.DLL for VB5 and SSubTmr6.DLL for VB6), available from this site at Subclassing without the crashes to run this sample. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Floyd-Stucci Colour Reduction Methods and Gray Scaling
Total Hit (1156) This article describes the Floyd-Stucci method to dither an image to a specified palette and also how to Gray Scale an Image, as demonstrated in the vbAccelerator Image Processor.
This is a link to a different site Storing and Showing HTML Resources in a VB Application
Total Hit (1044) Since Internet Explorer 4, it is has been possible to display HTML directly from application resources using the res:// protocol. This article demonstrates how to embed HTML files and images into your application resources to use this function and encapsulate HTML files. ....Read More

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