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Always ensure that a printer is installed
Total Hit (2284) Many developers incorrectly assume that a printer is always installed on their customers' machines, and therefore omit to check that this is actually the case. The following function, deceiptively trivial, returns False and displays an error message if no printer has been installed: «Code LangId= ....Read More
Display the Connect To Printer dialog
Total Hit (4261) Under Windows NT you can programmatically display the Connect To Printer dialog using one simple API function: «Code LangId=1» ' This works only under Windows NT and 2000 Private Declare Function ConnectToPrinterDlg Lib "winspool.drv" (ByVal hWnd As _ Long, ByVal flags As Long) As Long ....Read More
GetDefaultDriverName - Retrieving the default printer Driver name
Total Hit (6056)
InstallPrinter - Install a new printer on the system
Total Hit (4659)
PrintRotatedText - Display a rotated message
Total Hit (3711)
SelectPrinter - Setting the application's default printer
Total Hit (2305)
ShowNetworkPrinterConnectionDialog - Connect or disconnect a printer
Total Hit (3230)
ShowPrinterProperties - Display printer's Properties dialog
Total Hit (7170)
Printing the contents of a picturebox, including (most) controls, to a printer
Total Hit (3514) API Declarations «Code LangId=1» Option Explicit Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32.dll" Alias _ "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, _ ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long Private Const WM_PAINT = &HF Private Const WM_PRINT = &H317 ....Read More
How to Paint a ScanBar CODE39 on Printer or PictureBox
Total Hit (2155) «Code LangId=1»'Put this code at a module. 'Usage: PaintCodeBar39 Printer, Xpos, Ypos, BarsHeight, WidthFactor, Text, HumanRead ' Printer.EndDoc Public Type C39 char As String * 1 bar(1 To 5) As Boolean spe(1 To 5) As Boolean ' 5th space for character gap End Type Dim CODE39( ....Read More
Draw an horizontal line in the current position (like an HTML line)
Total Hit (1846)
Print a text in a specific position, if you don't indicate the x or y parameter the current position will be used
Total Hit (1990)
Indicates if the new print operation will go out of the Page
Total Hit (1934)
Print a Text with a specific alignment (left, Right or Center)
Total Hit (2208) Module «Code LangId=1»Public Sub PrintAlignedText(s As String, Alignment As AlignmentConstants) Select Case Alignment Case vbCenter Printer.CurrentX = (Printer.ScaleWidth - Printer.TextWidth(s)) \ 2 Case vbLeftJustify Printer.CurrentX = 0 Case vbRightJustif ....Read More
Get the Number of Waiting Jobs of a specified Printer on your network
Total Hit (4591) API Declarations «Code LangId=1» Option Explicit 'Constants Definition Public Const CCHDEVICENAME = 32 Public Const CCHFORMNAME = 32 Public Const PRINTER_ACCESS_ADMINISTER = &H4 Public Const PRINTER_ACCESS_USE = &H8 'Types Definition Public Type DEVMODE dmDeviceName As String * C ....Read More
Print a Text File
Total Hit (1994) Module «Code LangId=1» Option Explicit Public Sub PrintTXTFile(FileName As String) Dim x As Integer Dim s As String x = FreeFile On Error GoTo HandleError Open FileName For Input As x Do While Not EOF(x) Line Input #x, s Printer.Print s L ....Read More
Get the Default Printer
Total Hit (4607) API Declarations «Code LangId=1» Option Explicit 'MS Windows API Function Prototypes Private Declare Function GetProfileString Lib "kernel32.dll" Alias "GetProfileStringA" (ByVal lpAppName As String, ByVal lpKeyName As String, ByVal lpDefault As String, ByVal lpReturnedString As String, ByVa ....Read More
Print an Image contained in a Picture Box or a Form
Total Hit (1949) Module «Code LangId=1» 'Print the Picture contained in a PictureBox or a Form Public Sub PrintImage(p As IPictureDisp, Optional ByVal x, Optional ByVal y, Optional ByVal resize) If IsMissing(x) Then x = Printer.CurrentX If IsMissing(y) Then y = Printer.CurrentY If IsMissing(resiz ....Read More
How to Print a Multiline TextBox with Alignment!
Total Hit (4150) API Declarations «Code LangId=1» 'Add this to your Declarations Section: Public Declare Function SetTextAlign Lib "gdi32.dll" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal wFlags As Long) As Long Public Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32.dll" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wmsg As Long, ByV ....Read More
How to Print Full Justified Text
Total Hit (2561) Module «Code LangId=1» Option Explicit Public Sub PrintLine(Text As String, SpaceWidth As Single, Target As Object) 'Print a justified line to the Target object Dim i As Integer Dim cx As Single Dim OldBold As Boolean Dim OldUnderLine As Boolean Dim OldItalic As ....Read More
Print a Picture to Fit a Page!
Total Hit (2180) Module «Code LangId=1» Option Explicit Public Sub PrintPictureToFitPage(Pic As Picture) Dim PicRatio As Double Dim printerWidth As Double Dim printerHeight As Double Dim printerRatio As Double Dim printerPicWidth As Double Dim printerPicHeight As Double ' ....Read More
Setting Default Printer
Total Hit (2033)
Setting Custom Paper Size using Printer API
Total Hit (30639) Here is the alternate method which shows how to use printer APIs to set custom papersize and other printer properties using API. This code will work with Win9x and WinNT both.
How to set width of Datareport ?
Total Hit (2508) Following code will set custom width and height for VB Datareport for a specified Printer
How to Cancel Printing job sent to Printer.
Total Hit (2585) To learn more about Printing Using API click on the folloing link «a href=''»«/a»
Send Raw Data to a Printer (Bypass Printer Driver) Using the Win32 API from Visual Basic.
Total Hit (11827) The Visual Basic Printer object allows for printing through printer drivers, but there may be times when it is desirable to use the Win32 API to send information more directly to the printer. The code sample to follow shows how to achieve this by using API functions that bypass printer drivers to co ....Read More
How To Print Using Custom Page Sizes on Windows NT and Windows 2000
Total Hit (5796) Have you ever tried to set custom paper size using VB inbuilt Printer object ??? You can set custom papersize by setting Printer.PaperSize = 256 and then Printer.Height = 4500 , Printer.Width = 7500 but unfortunately this wont work under NT/2000 because in NT each paper size is considered as a "Form ....Read More
How to monitor Printer Queue using printer API
Total Hit (16558) This article will show you how you can use OpenPrinter, EnumJobs and ClosePrinter API to monitor selected printer's queue. To implement Quick Demo perform the following steps - Create a standard exe project - Add module1 - Place 1 commandbutton, 1 textbox, 1 combobox 1 timer and 1 ListView ....Read More
How to display the Add Printer Dialog ?
Total Hit (2478)
How to Add/Delete Printer Programatically using API?
Total Hit (26234) This article will show you step by step approch to Add and Delete Printer Programatically without any user interaction. When writing a Win32 application that installs a network printer connection, you must take into consideration differences in printing if the application will be run under both W ....Read More

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