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ViewHTMLSourceInBrowser - Use IE to view the HTML of a page
Total Hit (1780)
ComputerName - The name of the local computer
Total Hit (1863)
GetSystemInfo - Retrieve system information using Active Directory
Total Hit (2441)
SetIEOptionsEnabled - Decide whether IE Options dialog is enabled
Total Hit (1113)
SetRegisteredUser - Modify the name of registered user and organization
Total Hit (1192)
DriveExists - Check whether a logical drive exists
Total Hit (3040)
GetScreenSnapshot - Capture a window or the entire screen
Total Hit (4112)
MoveListboxItem - Move an item of a ListBox to another position
Total Hit (1189) «Code LangId=1» ' Move an item of a listbox to another index ' ' If FROMINDEX = -1 then it moves the current highlighted item Sub MoveListboxItem(ctrl As ListBox, ByVal FromIndex As Long, _ ByVal ToIndex As Long) Dim sText As String, lItemData As Long ' provide a default ....Read More
GetArrayInfo - Retreive number of dimensions and the SAFEARRAY memory structure
Total Hit (2689) «Code LangId=1» Type SAFEARRAYBOUND cElements As Long ' # of elements in the array dimension lLbound As Long ' lower bounds of the array dimension End Type Type SAFEARRAY cDims As Integer ' Count of dimensions in this array. fFeatures As Integer ....Read More
InstrWordEx - Find a whole word, with your choice of delimiters
Total Hit (1194) «Code LangId=1» '------------------------------------------------------------------------ ' This enum is used by both InstrWordEx and ReplaceWordEx ' ' It uses a binary value to determine what separator characters are allowed ' bit 0 = allow spaces ' bit 1 = allow symbols ' bit 2 = allow cont ....Read More
IsPrime - Determine whether a number is prime
Total Hit (1120) «Code LangId=1» ' Return True if the number is prime Function IsPrime(ByVal number As Long) As Boolean ' manually test 2 and 3 If number > 3 Then If number Mod 2 = 0 Then Exit Function If number Mod 3 = 0 Then Exit Function End If ' we can now avoid to consi ....Read More
Avoiding Access Denied erros when raising events from MTS objects
Total Hit (2140) If you don't take specific actions, you get an Access Denied Error when you try to raise an event from an MTS component into a client. This happens because the client executable doesn't have the proper DCOM security settings to let the server call it back. In order to have it working you have two so ....Read More
Provide a free preview of Office Documents
Total Hit (1173) NOTE that this tip requires Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 95/NT 4.0 + Active Desktop. If your application must do a lot of work with Office documents, then chances are that you might need to provide a quick preview of them. I'm not talking about scrolling pages up and down as in Word or Excel bu ....Read More
Determine how many records the DataReader is about to return
Total Hit (1370) The DataReader is the ADO.NET counterpart of the forward-only, read-only recordset in classic ADO. For this reason you never know how many rows the DataReader is about to return. In most cases you don't need this information, because you tipically process each row as soon as it is being returned, an ....Read More
Register and unregister components with context menus
Total Hit (2131) The stardard method to register and unregister ActiveX component is running the REGSVR32 utility, which forces you to bring up the Start|Run dialog and manually type the command line. A much better approach is to have the Register and Unregister commands right in the context menu that appears when y ....Read More
Use DataChanged with unbound controls
Total Hit (1426) When you need to learn if a field has been changed by the user, you have at least three options: you can use a global boolean variable and set it in the control's Change event, or you can save the original value in global variable to compare it against the current value you can use the EM_GE ....Read More
Create arrowed buttons without icons
Total Hit (2938) You don't need to use icons or bitmap to create buttons with arrows on them. In fact, you just have to select the "Windings" font, set a suitable font size (e.g. 12 or 14 points), and then enter one of these characters: «Code LangId=1» Line arrows Chr$(223) Left Arrow Chr$(224) Right Arrow Chr ....Read More
Very simple Encryption/Decryption code using VB
Total Hit (2205) This code will show you how to encrypt/decrypt a string. Copy/Paste the following code in your VB form and press F5 to run. «code LangId=1»Const ENCRYPTION_KEY = "MySecreteKey123" Private Sub Form_Load() Dim txt As String, enctxt As String txt = "Your password is : asd$223" ....Read More
Working with LZ (Lempel-Ziv) compression APIs
Total Hit (4841) «b»Lempel-Ziv compression«/b» is a lossless compression algorithm, which means that no data is lost when compressing and decompressing the file, as opposed to lossy compression algorithms such as JPEG, where some data is lost each time data compression and decompression occur. NTFS volumes support f ....Read More
How to create pattern brush from bitmap or picture object ?
Total Hit (4885) In this article we will learn how to use CreatePatternBrush along with CreateBitmap API. CreateBitmap can be used to create a memory bitmap of specified width, height and Bits/Pixel. CreatePatternBrush can create a pattern brush based of Bitmap. You can also use VB Picture object as a bitmap handle. ....Read More
How to list all available timezones and change the timezone?
Total Hit (5121) It is sometimes necessary to programmatically change the time zone for the system where the application is running. This article demonstrates this technique. The way to implement this effect is as follows: Determine which time zone you would like to change to. Find the key in the registry tha ....Read More
Windows Socket Programming tutorial : Part-2 (Implementing Winsock Client)
Total Hit (3974)
Returns the full application path with the '\' terminator...
Total Hit (985) Module «Code LangId=1» Public Sub CheckPath(MyPath$) ' Adds the \ to the Application Path when required MyPath$ = App.Path If Not Right(MyPath$, 1) = "\" Then MyPath$ = MyPath$ & "\" End If End Sub «/Code» Usage «Code LangId=1» 'Usage: Private Sub Command1_Cli ....Read More
This is a link to a different site HTTP with MS Winsock Control - Part I - How to download a file from the Web
Total Hit (827) The tutorial shows how to use the MS Winsock Control in order to retrieve resources from the WWW. You will create the Simple HTTP Reader sample application.
This is a link to a different site Centering the Open & Save Common Dialogs Using Callbacks, Advanced
Total Hit (886) Centering the Open & Save Common Dialogs Using Callbacks showed just how simple implementing a window hook for the OPENFILENAME structure can be. Here we expand upon that same code to provide additional positioning options - centred to the screen, to the parent form, or allow the dialog to take its ....Read More
This is a link to a different site VB Programmer's AVIFile Function Help Pages
Total Hit (805) Windows contains a powerful set of video file functions called the AVIFile API ('Application Programming Interface'). The AVIFile API set of functions is part of an even larger API called the Video For Windows API. It is possible to use the AVIFile functions from Visual Basic. However, the lack o ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Transparent GDI Sprite Library
Total Hit (1547) This VB library aims to make it simple to add fast, animated graphics using transparent sprites, something which is either missing or dismally slow using VB's standard methods. The source code provides a complete screen saver, and a simpler (and somewhat smaller) sample which animates a large number ....Read More
This is a link to a different site MusicLibrary SGrid Sample
Total Hit (1606) This sample uses SGrid 2.0 along with the MP3 Tags code to load, display and persist a Music Library. It allows library import, sorting, grouping and in the future should be upgraded to include tag editing and play functions. It has been successfully used with over 7,000 tracks. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Sophisticated Control Over Window Sizing and Moving
Total Hit (1403) VB's control over moving and sizing isn't much - basically you have the Resize event, as has been the case since VB1. Windows gives you a lot more control over moving and sizing forms if you need it though. For example, try resizing an undocked tool window in MS Office. You will see that the size sn ....Read More
This is a link to a different site High Resolution Multimedia Timer
Total Hit (2244) The standard timer supplied with VB is great for most tasks, but the frequency it updates at isn't acceptable for high-performance multimedia. In audio applications the system must be capable of firing audio events with a 1ms resolution, otherwise the ear will be able to discern the timing inaccurac ....Read More

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