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GetIEToolbarPicture - The path of IE toolbar image
Total Hit (1141)
GetIEFileNewEnabled - Determine whether IE File-New menu is enabled
Total Hit (1114)
EnumRegistryKeys - Retrieve all the subkeys of a Registry key
Total Hit (1863)
ConvertSelectedTex - Convert text selected in code window
Total Hit (1504)
CheckSpelling - Using the Word's check-spelling engine
Total Hit (1875)
ListBoxVisibleItems - The number of visible items in a ListBox control
Total Hit (2761) «Code LangId=1»Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal _ hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, _ lParam As Any) As Long Private Declare Function GetClientRect Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, _ lpRect As RECT) As Long Const LB ....Read More
IsExecFile - Check whether a file is an executable file
Total Hit (960) «Code LangId=1»'check whether the specified file is an executable, ' by checking the last 4 characters. 'Example: MsgBox "File is exe: " & IsExecFile("C:\windows\notepad.exe") Function IsExecFile(ByVal sFileName As String) As Boolean Dim sExt As String On Error Resume Next ....Read More
ArrayAny - Return an initialized array of any type
Total Hit (1420) «Code LangId=1» ' Returns an array and initializes it with passed data. ' ' It is similar to the Array function, but it works with ' array of any type. The type of the returned array is ' assumed to be the type of the first element in the ' parameter list, so you might need to force a given ....Read More
Don't store object variables in the SPM
Total Hit (1645) Some MTS/COM+ newbies wonder whether it is legal to store object variables in the SPM. No, you can't!! the SPM is unaware of Apartment marshaling issues. If you ask the SPM for an interface pointer while running in an apartment that is different from the one where the interface pointer resides t ....Read More
Out-of-date dependency file for COMCTL32.OCX
Total Hit (1527) Have you ever read a message like "Dependency file for COMCTL32.OCX is out of date" during the package creation process? The cause of this problem is simple: you have installed an application that has replaced your COMCTL32.OCX ActiveX with the newer release (which is 5.00.3828 at this time). The Ac ....Read More
Display an animated GIF using the WebBrowser control
Total Hit (2960) The standard PictureBox control doesn't support the Animated GIF graphic format. However, you can display these images by using a WebBrowser control: «Code LangId=1» WebBrowser1.Navigate "c:\Images\Animated.Gif" «/Code» The only problem of this technique is that the WebBrowser control also di ....Read More
Programmatically register an ActiveX control or DLL
Total Hit (3052) All ActiveX DLL or OCX export two functions: DllRegisterServer and DllUnregisterServer. They are used to register and unregister the ActiveX in the Windows registry, and are usually invoked from regsvr32.exe at registration time. However, you can register and unregister these files programmatical ....Read More
Correctly set scrollbars' width and height
Total Hit (2247) You should always modify a vertical scrollbar's width and a horizontal scrollbar's height to conform to the display resolution. You can learn the suggested size (in pixels) using the GetSystemMetrics API function, then convert it to twips, and rezise all the scrollbars on your forms accordingly. The ....Read More
Copying menu controls from one form to another
Total Hit (1930) If you're building a project with multiple similar forms, it's nice to be able to cut-and-paste controls from one form to another. However, in VB6, you can't do this for menu controls - unless you get tricky. The trick is to make an end-run around the VB IDE. Warning: don't try this unless you have ....Read More
Start the IDE with maximized code and form windows
Total Hit (1401) The VB IDE remembers most of the configuration settings that were active when you closed the previous session. However, the maximized status of child MDI windows (the code editor and the designer window) isn't remembered, and the IDE always starts with non-maximized windows. To have VB always start ....Read More
GoSub are slower in compiled programs
Total Hit (2189) In VB applications compiled as native code, GoSubs are 5-6 times slower than calls to regular Subs or Functions; conversely, in p-code they are considerably faster. This is one of the few examples of an optimization rule that is different in p-code from compiled applications. ....Read More
Determinate the number of bytes in a given directory including the subdirectories
Total Hit (1563) «code LangId=1»Option Explicit 'API constants Private Const MAX_PATH = 260 Private Const INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE = -1 Private Const FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY = &H10 'API types Private Type FILETIME dwLowDateTime As Long dwHighDateTime As Long End Type Private Type WIN32_FIND_DATA ....Read More
How to play AVI file stored into resource file without saving on disk
Total Hit (6607) MCI (Media Control Interface) provides a high-level interface to play multimedia files (or "device elements" as defined in MCI). By default, MCI WAVE/AVI drivers (MCIAVI and MCIWAVE) use mmioOpen to open a file stored on a disk. If the file name contains a "+" character, mmioOpen will look for a cus ....Read More
Working with GDI Brush Object
Total Hit (3955) A brush is a graphics tool that applications use to paint the interior of polygons, ellipses, and paths. Drawing applications use brushes to paint shapes; word processing applications use brushes to paint rules; computer-aided design (CAD) applications use brushes to paint the interiors of cross-sec ....Read More
Working with Basic Filled Shapes using GDI API
Total Hit (4084) Filled shapes are geometric forms that are outlined by using the current pen and filled by using the current brush. There are five filled shapes: «UL»«LI»Ellipse «LI»Chord «LI»Pie «LI»Polygon «LI»Rectangle «/UL» Applications use filled shapes for a variety of tasks. Spreadsheet applicat ....Read More
How to deal with multi-language input and keyboard layout using API ?
Total Hit (6951) Sometimes application requires multi-language input functionality so user can choose his own language. You can change keyboard layout by Adding and selecting new layout in Control Panel -> Regional Options but how to do the same thing programatically. To change keyboard layout for a specific languag ....Read More
How to detect system activity for mouse and keyboard
Total Hit (1973) «Code LangId=1»Option Explicit '=========================================================== 'TYPE '=========================================================== Private Type POINTAPI x As Integer y As Integer End Type '=========================================================== 'API '===== ....Read More
This is a link to a different site HTTP with MS Winsock Control - Part III : How to retrieve a file from the Web through a proxy server
Total Hit (1957) In the previous tutorials we have learned how to communicate with a web server via direct connection. In that scenario the client application establishes connection to the web server by the specified server address (or IP address) and IP-port 80. But there are a lot of cases where a client has an ac ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Fill in Word Forms Using Information Stored in Access
Total Hit (700) Although Access reports are flexible and relatively easy to create, they're not always suitable for every task. For example, your company may internally use manual forms that can easily be filled with data from an existing Access database. Your natural reaction is probably to create an Access report ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Connecting to Network Resources
Total Hit (1162) These are small network routines that provide developers with increased functionality and usability. The first two routines deal with displaying the Map Drive and Disconnect Mapped Drive dialogs. The second two deal with printers; the first shows the Windows dialog responsible for setting up a ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Manipulating Image Brightness with SetPixelV
Total Hit (890) Here's an interesting bit of code by Tanner Helland that takes any image assigned to a picturebox and rapidly adjusts the image brightness. As the new image is displayed, it progressively wipes overtop the old image (the demo picture shows the progress half-way across the girl). This code could be e ....Read More
This is a link to a different site CD Track Listing Using
Total Hit (680) This article demonstrates how to use ASPI to read the table of contents from a CD, and then to use FreeDB's CD look-up service to retrieve artist, title and track listing information for the CD. Along the way it describes some of the alternatives and pitfalls. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site ComCtl32.DLL Animation Control Class
Total Hit (1774) This article presents a simple class you can use to load AVIs from files or an application's resource file for display whilst the application is performing a long operation.
This is a link to a different site vbAccelerator ListView Control
Total Hit (1276) This control provides an alternative to the VB ListView control and adds support for almost all of the new ComCtl32.DLL v6.0 features that are missing from the VB version: ListView grouping, Tile view with configurable sub-items, Multiple Work Areas and more. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site vbAccelerator Icon Selector Control
Total Hit (1988) This control provides a simple to use icon selector, and works in the exactly the same way as the Change Icon dialog in Windows. You can either use it to select existing icons, or you can add your own.

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