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How to modify (Add/Remove) System Menu using API ?
Total Hit (9370) In this article you will learn how to modify system menu (control menu). You will also learn how to handle event of newly added menu item. To modify system menu first you have to call GetSystemMenu api to get handle of system menu and then you can all other menu APIs (i.e. GetMenuItemCount, Appen ....Read More
How to disable form's Close button (X)?
Total Hit (3558) To modify an item in the Visual Basic Control menu (also known as the System menu), you need to use the SetMenuItemInfo API function. You can use ModifyMenuItem or EnablemenuItem api, both functions work. However it appears that Visual Basic re-enables the menu item whose ID is SC_CLOSE. This is why ....Read More
How to create MenuBar, Submenu and MenuItem with events at runtime using API ?
Total Hit (5142) This article give you basic guideline about creating menu at runtime. I will also explain how to subclass Mouse Move and Mouse Click events of created items. «b»Creating Menubar«/b» MenuBar is the main menu of your form. Any window can have only one menubar. You can use CreateMenu API to crea ....Read More
How to display shortcut PopupMenu generated at runtime ?
Total Hit (3985) This article will show you simple demo of creating and displaying popup menu using TrackPopupMenu api. You will learn the following items from this sample code. «UL»«LI»How to create PopupMenu, MenuItems and Submenu at runtime using CreatePopupMenu and AppendMenu APIs «LI»How to display popupmen ....Read More
How to add your own menu item in System menu ?
Total Hit (3338) This sample code will show you - How to add a new menuitem in the system menu using InsertMenuItem API - How to respond to the events generated by new menuitem with the subclassing technique - How to get/set item state using GetMenuState and SetMenuItemInfo APIs - How to remove menuitem from ....Read More
Split menu into multiple columns if dont fit and Auto Mouse move/click event demo
Total Hit (3603) This code is a combo of two great piece of code. From this example you will learn the following items - How to generate various mouse events using mouse_event API - How display shortcut menu created at runtime using CreatePopupMenu and TrackPopupMenu APIs - How to use MF_MENUBARBREAK flag to sp ....Read More
How to use LoadMenu and LoadMenuIndirect API to load menu from Resource or Memory buffer ?
Total Hit (6018) In this article you will learn - How to use LoadLibraryEx and FreeLibrary APIs to load/unload Dll/Exe resources - How to use LoadMenuIndirect API to load menu from memory buffer - How to use LoadMenu API to load menu stored in DLL or Exe resource - How to use TrackPopupMenu to display popup menu ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Adding Radio Buttons to Replace the Default Checkmarks
Total Hit (650) When you offer several choices in a menu, you may want to implement a radio button-style selection. This routine handles menus on any form or position on the menu bar.

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