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ShowWindowsInTreeView - Display a windows hierarchy in a treeview control
Total Hit (1441)
GetWindowClientSize - Get the size of a window's internal area
Total Hit (1457)
SetFolderIcon - Associate an icon to a folder
Total Hit (1304)
GetCpuInfo - Retrieve information about the CPU
Total Hit (1595)
GetHiddenClasses - Retrieve all the hidden classes in a type library
Total Hit (1137)
HashTable - a class module for storing (key,value) pairs
Total Hit (2510)
GetFileIcon - Retrieve the icon associated to a file
Total Hit (4236) «Code LangId=1»Private Const MAX_PATH = 260 Private Type SHFILEINFO hIcon As Long iIcon As Long dwAttributes As Long szDisplayName As String * MAX_PATH szTypeName As String * 80 End Type Private Declare Function SHGetFileInfo Lib "Shell32" Alias "SHGetFileInfoA" _ ....Read More
AddBackslash - Append a backslash to a path if needed
Total Hit (2083) «Code LangId=1»' Append a backslash (or any character) at the end of a path ' if it isn't there already Function AddBackslash(Path As String, Optional Char As String = "\") As String If Right$(Path, 1) <> Char Then AddBackslash = Path & Char Else AddBackslash = Path ....Read More
SecondsToTime - Convert a number of seconds to a Date value
Total Hit (1886) «Code LangId=1»' Converts a numeric value in seconds to a time value ' Example: ' MsgBox SecondsToTime(11120) --> 3.5.20 AM Function SecondsToTime(ByVal Seconds As Long) As Date SecondsToTime = CDate(Seconds / 86400) End Function «/Code» ....Read More
RotateRightI - Rotate an Integer to the right
Total Hit (1103) «Code LangId=1»' Rotate an Integer to the right the specified number of times ' ' NOTE: requires Power2() Function RotateRightI(ByVal value As Integer, ByVal times As Long) As Integer Dim i As Long, signBits As Integer ' no need to rotate more times than required times = ti ....Read More
Setting authentication across different domains
Total Hit (1143) COM doesn't have a built in security mechanism, but relies on Windows authentication services (Security Service Providers). When you access a resource or invoke a method in a remote DCOM server (or MTS package / COM+ Application), security checks cannot be performed in the standard way if the client ....Read More
Detect when the application gets or loses the input focus
Total Hit (2393) VB forms exposes the Activate and Deactivate events, which fire when the form gets and loses the focus because the user has clicked on another form of the same application. However, VB doesn't fire any event when the user clicks on a form that belongs to another Windows application. In some cases th ....Read More
Create and delete DSN at runtime
Total Hit (6741) If you're developing a VB database application, you're probably using a DSN (data source name) because it makes the access to your database file easier. Of course, when you distribuite your application, you must create the DSN. There are some installation programs that offers the possibility to ....Read More
Hide the Automation Manager
Total Hit (2268) If you haven't switched to DCOM yet, and still use Remote OLE Automation, you must launch the Automation Manager program on the server machine, in order to let the server respond to requests coming from client workstations. The Automation Manager displays a visible window at launch time, which t ....Read More
Determine the number of visible items in a ListView control
Total Hit (3252) Microsoft "forgot" to provide the ListView control with the GetVisibleCount property, as it did, for example, with the TreeView control. However, getting this information is as easy as sending a message to the control: «Code LangId=1» Private Const LVM_FIRST = &H1000 Private Const LVM_GETCOUNT ....Read More
Get full control on the text typed in a ListView's item
Total Hit (2591) The ListView control exposes the AfterLabelEdit event to let the programmer validate the text entered in a ListItem, but there is no way to trap keys as they are typed by the user. This prevents you from discarding unwanted characters while the user types them. You can work around this problem by ....Read More
Optimized Paint procedures with subclassing
Total Hit (1863) The Paint event doesn't provide with information about which region of the form must be actually repainted, and therefore forces the programmer to repaint the entire client area, which in some cases can be a time-consuming operation. You can determine the smallest rectangle that needs to be updat ....Read More
Dragging caption-less forms
Total Hit (2179)
Change caret size and blink rate
Total Hit (2864) You can alter the size of the caret (this is the name of the cursor within text boxes, not to be confused with the mouse cursor), for instance to ease visibility on notebook computers, or to signal that the text box is in overwrite mode. All you need is a couple of API functions: «Code LangId=1» ....Read More
Use integer division operator
Total Hit (1779) Use "\" instead of "/" when performing divisions between Integers. The "/" operator returns a Single value, therefore the seemingly efficient line «Code LangId=1» C% = A% / B% «/Code» actually requires three implicit conversions, two for converting the operands from Integer to Single (to pre ....Read More
Property Procedures in BAS modules
Total Hit (2279) Visual Basic supports Property procedures to implement properties in your own CLS and FRM modules. However, it turns out that you can use Property procedures even within BAS code modules. How can this improve your programming skills? In many a way, as I will demonstrate. Say your program include ....Read More
How to load BMP file into memory and perform rotation on it ?
Total Hit (5652) Bitmap rotation is a graphic effect that Visual Basic does not natively offer. This article shows how to rotate a given image in 90-degree increments. It allows you to rotate any image 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees. With a little work, the code can be modified to rotate to any angle, but that is beyond ....Read More
How to retrive font name from font file.
Total Hit (2210) I tried so many places but never found any simple code which retrive font name. Because to set font for drawing/printing we have to set font name and ususally font name is different than file name.
Print a Picture to Fit a Page!
Total Hit (1845) Module «Code LangId=1» Option Explicit Public Sub PrintPictureToFitPage(Pic As Picture) Dim PicRatio As Double Dim printerWidth As Double Dim printerHeight As Double Dim printerRatio As Double Dim printerPicWidth As Double Dim printerPicHeight As Double ' ....Read More
How to get a listview control to sort numbers correctly...
Total Hit (1620) This is one I discovered after banging my head against the wall for a few hours trying to get a list view control to sort numbers correctly. When trying to create a list view control in report mode that would allow a user to quickly sort by a text listing (in this case a column of state abbreviation ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Binding a socket : Winsock API Test Bench sample application
Total Hit (2538) Today we will learn how to use the bind Winsock API function that allows to associate a local address with a socket. We'll modify the Winsock API TestBench sample application in order to give the user of the program to specify local host address and port number for a socket. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Take full control of writing to the NT event logs, and create the message and category files you need.
Total Hit (1373) Creating event log messages is a necessity for any nontrivial application running on the NT platform. Not only is the event log Microsoft's recommended method for capturing warnings and errors, but many vendors have embraced it, and an active tools market helps you capture and analyze the event log ....Read More
This is a link to a different site An API 'DriveExists' Routine
Total Hit (850) For the API purest, here's a tiny function that simply returns True if a specified drive exists, or False if not. Using GetLogicalDriveStrings, its a simple matter of retrieving all the available drives, then performing a case-insensitive Instr() against the result to determine if the passed drive ....Read More
This is a link to a different site GetLastErr
Total Hit (630) This code snippet returns any error codes from net related functions and system related functions. Author: Elvio Serrao
This is a link to a different site Adding menu icons to MDI projects with multiple child menus
Total Hit (716) This project demonstrates how to use the new NewMDIMenu event in the IconMenu control to provide iconised menus in MDI projects with child forms which have their own menus.

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