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QuickSort - Exploiting the principle of exchanging keys
Total Hit (1546)
Ternary QuickSort - A modification of QuickSort
Total Hit (1864)
URLPathEncode - Convert a string for using on a URL path
Total Hit (2794)
GetWindowClass - The class name of a window
Total Hit (3488)
SetExplorerToolbarPicture - Change Explorer toolbar image
Total Hit (1268)
GetBiosInfo - Retrieve information about the bios
Total Hit (1864)
PlayAVIAudioOFF - Play an AVI file without the audio track
Total Hit (2745)
LOG Files
Total Hit (1811) «Code LangId=1»'Just place this in a Module and you can call it from anywhere in your program! Sub SetLog(Message As String) 'This Sub writes to a LOG file. Dim theFile As String, theMessage As String theFile = App.Path & "\PRGMLOG.TXT" theMessage = Message & vbCrLf Open theFile For Append A ....Read More
NodeNestingLevel - The nesting level of a TreeView's node
Total Hit (1557) «Code LangId=1»' Returns the nesting level of a TreeView's Node object ' (returns zero for root nodes.) Function NodeNestingLevel(ByVal Node As Node) As Integer Do Until (Node.Parent Is Nothing) NodeNestingLevel = NodeNestingLevel + 1 Set Node = Node.Parent Loop End ....Read More
GetDirectorySize - Evaluate disk space used by files and subdirectories
Total Hit (1992) «Code LangId=1»' Retrieve the number of bytes by all the files in a directory ' (it doesn't account for slack space, that is unused space in disk sectors) ' ' If INCLUDESUBDIRS is true, it recursively parses all subdirectories. ' ' supports only up to 2G directories. Function GetDirectorySi ....Read More
SecondsToString - Convert a number of seconds into a formatted time string
Total Hit (1785) «Code LangId=1» ' Converts a numeric value in seconds to a string ' Example: ' MsgBox SecondsToString(3920) --> 1h.5m.20s Function SecondsToString(ByVal Seconds As Long) As String SecondsToString = (Seconds \ 3600) & "h." & ((Seconds \ 60) Mod 60) & "m." _ & (Seconds Mod ....Read More
RotateRight - Rotate a Long to the right
Total Hit (1283) «Code LangId=1»' Rotate a Long to the right the specified number of times ' ' NOTE: requires Power2() Function RotateRight(ByVal value As Long, ByVal times As Long) As Long Dim i As Long, signBits As Long ' no need to rotate more times than required times = times Mod 32 ....Read More
Create a GUID
Total Hit (2831) When you build your ActiveX controls and components, Visual Basic automatically creates all the GUIDs as necessary. The same also happens in other cases, without you even realizing it: for instance when you make a MDB database replicable, the Jet Engine adds new fields and uses GUIDs to mark their c ....Read More
Default Properties tend to hide programming mistakes
Total Hit (1860) Visual Basic lets you create a default property or method by simply selecting the "(Default)" item in the combo box that appear if you click the Advanced button in the Procedure Attributes dialog box. (You can display this dialog from the Tools menu, or by right-clicking on a property name in the ri ....Read More
Add multiple child controls to a Coolbar
Total Hit (1445) The Coolbar control consists of a collection of Band objects, and each Band object exposes a Child property. To move a control inside the Coolbar you just have to assign it to the Child property of a Band object. A minor problem is that you can't directly assign multiple controls to one Band. The ....Read More
Open the list portion of a ComboBox control
Total Hit (2288) To programmatically open and close the list portion of a ComboBox control, all you need is sending the CB_SHOWDROPDOWN message to the control. Here is a routine that encapsulate the SendMessage API function: «Code LangId=1» Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" ....Read More
Add size grips to a form
Total Hit (1867) There are two simple ways to add the so-called size-grips to the bottom-right corner of a form. The first method is to add a StatusBar control, which includes a size-grip of its own. The second method is to add a multiline TextBox control, set its ScrollBars property to 3-Both and add some resizing ....Read More
Change a CheckBox or OptionButton style at runtime
Total Hit (3027) Visual Basic doesn't let you change the Style property of a CheckBox or an OptionButton control at runtime. However, you can easily do it by manipulating the control's style bit, with the SetWindowLong API function. Here's a routine that does the trick: Using the routine is straightforward. For ....Read More
Non obvious uses for the LIKE operator
Total Hit (1999) LIKE is probably the VB operator is most underutilized if compared to its potential. The most immediate use for this operator is to check that a string begins or ends with a given pattern. For example, it is simple to check that a Product ID is made up by a alphabetic character followed by three dig ....Read More
Persistent breakpoints
Total Hit (2190) When you close a VB IDE session, VB saves the code but doesn't save the current set of breakpoints. If you need (non-conditional) breakpoints to persist among sessions, don't use the F9 key. Instead, use the following statement «Code LangId=1» Debug.Assert False «/Code» The above code will alwa ....Read More
WindowPicker - Pick any window using mouse and highlight window region
Total Hit (3057) In this sample code you will learn several techniques using APIs. Here is the summary «UL»«LI»Capture mouse input to the current application window using SetCapture and ReleaseCapture «LI»Obtain window handle from a point using WindowFromPoint «LI»Get window region from the window handle using Ge ....Read More
How to send message over network with specified machinename/username/domainname ?
Total Hit (2788) «code LangId=1»'Description: Send to msg to a machine on a Windows NT domain ' similar to that of the notification msg from printer spooler 'Note: Use with care to avoid a broadcasting to all workstations on the domain ' if you do not want to Declare Function NetMessageBufferSend L ....Read More
How to Print Full Justified Text
Total Hit (2231) Module «Code LangId=1» Option Explicit Public Sub PrintLine(Text As String, SpaceWidth As Single, Target As Object) 'Print a justified line to the Target object Dim i As Integer Dim cx As Single Dim OldBold As Boolean Dim OldUnderLine As Boolean Dim OldItalic As ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Another way to launch a Control Panel Extension...
Total Hit (1395) Private Sub Command1_Click() StartCPLApp "DESK.CPL" End Sub
This is a link to a different site Build an OLAP Reporting App in ASP.NET Using SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and Office XP
Total Hit (1440) Many organizations analyze their business-critical data using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology. OLAP-based data mining provides a way to query multidimensional data sets and drill down into the data to find patterns. ASP.NET and the Microsoft Office Web Components (OWC) enable Web-base ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Using DeviceIoControl to Obtain Physical Drive Information
Total Hit (1333) Win NT/Win2000 developers have access to a unique API that provides low-level system information - DeviceIoControl. This example succeeds only when it runs on Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows XP, for two reasons: «LI»The standard device input/output control codes are available only on Windows N ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Creating and using your own VC++ dlls
Total Hit (755) Using the Windows API is a wonderful way to speed up your applications when they need to perform processor intensive tasks like graphics manipulation. However, the Windows API doesn’t always provide all the functionality you need for your application. Perhaps some 3rd party control does what you wan ....Read More
This is a link to a different site NT and Net Error messages in an Access Database. Author: Rob Agnew
Total Hit (560)
This is a link to a different site IconMenu Control
Total Hit (1262) The IconMenu (cPopMenu.ocx) control is a really simple way to get icons into a VB project's menus. It also allows you to create arbitrary new submenus, gives you control over the system menu and has some useful new events indicating when menu items are highlighted and exited. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Owner-Draw Pop-up Menus
Total Hit (1232) This project provides sample code for creating completely owner-drawn pop-up menu items using the PopupMenu ActiveX DLL. If you want to create a drop-down list of items from your control, and the number of items will fit onto the screen, then using this DLL to manage all the drop-down functions exce ....Read More

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