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Changing the current record using bookmarks
Total Hit (1662) If you try to use a DataList and some labels or text boxes linked to an ADO Data control, and you click on some items in the list, you'll notice that the data in the labels won't change, because the current record isn't changed. To have the code work correctly, you have to write code in the Clic ....Read More
A dual use of a lookup query
Total Hit (1654) Usually in your application you use two different types of lookup query; the first one is for retrieving a page of records (or all records) to populate a pick list, the other one is to retrieve a single record, i.e. for decoding a code description while user is typing it in a textbox. So, if your qu ....Read More
Connect a stand-alone Recordset to a database using XML
Total Hit (2533) If you are familiar with the ADO capability to create stand-alone Recordsets from the thin air, that is by adding items to their Fields collection, you're also probably aware that this feature has a serious shortcoming: you can't then connect to a database and perform any batch updates. The problem ....Read More
Create explicit Field objects when looping on large Recordsets
Total Hit (1707) Whenever you access a database field through the Recordset object you incur in a slight overhead. Take for example the following code snippet: «Code LangId=1» Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset rs.Open "SELECT au_lname, au_fname FROM authors", "DSN=pubs", , , adCmdText Do Until rs.EOF List1. ....Read More
Create UDL files the easy way
Total Hit (1407) The standard way to create a UDL file is to right-click in the directory where you want to create it and select the New-Microsoft Data Link menu command. Unfortunately, on many computers, this manual procedure won't work, because the file type "Microsoft Data Link" does not appear on the "New" menu. ....Read More
Determine the RecordCount of a forward-only Recordset
Total Hit (2187) When working with a forward-only, read-only Recordset - that is, the default ADO Recordset - the RecordCount property always returns -1. (This can also happen with other types of server-side cursors, depending on the specific OLEDB provider.) In general, you can determine how many records were retur ....Read More
Determine how many records the DataReader is about to return
Total Hit (1369) The DataReader is the ADO.NET counterpart of the forward-only, read-only recordset in classic ADO. For this reason you never know how many rows the DataReader is about to return. In most cases you don't need this information, because you tipically process each row as soon as it is being returned, an ....Read More
CloneFieldStructure - Create a new Recordset with same field structure
Total Hit (1858)
CUDL - A class to create UDL files
Total Hit (2104)
FileToBlob - Copy a file's contents into a BLOB field
Total Hit (1947)
Run a Stored Procedure Asynchrous with ADO
Total Hit (1594)
Faster your recordset searching
Total Hit (1617)
Read Excel and Text Files Using ADO
Total Hit (3782)
This is a link to a different site Connection strings for various OLEDB Data Providers
Total Hit (1925) OLE DB Providers for Active Directory Service, Advantage, AS/400 (from IBM), AS/400 and VSAM (from Microsoft), Commerce Server, DB2, DTS Packages, Exchange, Excel, Internet Publishing, Index Server, Microsoft Jet, Microsoft Project, MySQL, ODBC Databases, OLAP Services, Oracle (from Microsoft), Orac ....Read More

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