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 Total API (6188)
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 Total Constants (55647)
 VB Examples (1057)
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  Aux Output Device(24)
  Common Dialogbox(13)
  Device Context(3)
  File Management(42)
  Filled Shapes(24)
  Font & Text(14)
  IP Helper(11)
  Multiple Monitors(5)
  Network Management(11)
  Path (GDI)(9)
  Path (Shell)(47)
  Screen & Coordinates(10)
  URL (Shell)(3)
  Window Focus(2)
  Window Handles(2)
  Window Proc(2)
  WinNT Service(6)


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API Learning Center Articles
01. Introduction
02. What's API
03. API Declaration
04. Messages
05. Some Windows specifics
06. Where to get the functions description from
07. API parameter types
08. Any
09. Passing Parameters
10. Callbacks
11. The Window Procedure
12. SubClassing
13. Handling Parameters
14. Creating and using your own VC++ DLLs (Part-1, Part-2, Part-3)
15. Closing Words
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ChangeClipboardChain ChangeClipboardChain user32.dll Clipboard 2 Example(s)
CloseClipboard CloseClipboard user32.dll Clipboard 6 Example(s)
CountClipboardFormats CountClipboardFormats user32.dll Clipboard 3 Example(s)
EmptyClipboard EmptyClipboard user32.dll Clipboard 3 Example(s)
EnumClipboardFormats EnumClipboardFormats user32.dll Clipboard 3 Example(s)
GetClipboardData GetClipboardData user32.dll Clipboard 3 Example(s)
GetClipboardFormatName GetClipboardFormatName user32.dll Clipboard 3 Example(s)
GetClipboardOwner GetClipboardOwner user32.dll Clipboard 1 Example(s)
GetClipboardSequenceNumber GetClipboardSequenceNumber user32.dll Clipboard 1 Example(s)
GetClipboardViewer GetClipboardViewer user32.dll Clipboard 1 Example(s)
GetPriorityClipboardFormat GetPriorityClipboardFormat user32.dll Clipboard 1 Example(s)
IsClipboardFormatAvailable IsClipboardFormatAvailable user32.dll Clipboard 3 Example(s)
OpenClipboard OpenClipboard user32.dll Clipboard 6 Example(s)
RegisterClipboardFormat RegisterClipboardFormat user32.dll Clipboard 1 Example(s)
SetClipboardData SetClipboardData user32.dll Clipboard 3 Example(s)
SetClipboardViewer SetClipboardViewer user32.dll Clipboard 2 Example(s)

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