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Extract all quoted strings with the RegExp object
Total Hit (2979) When parsing a text file that contains quoted strings - such as a VB source file - you might want to quickly locate and extract all the quoted strings. Thanks to regular expressions and the RegExp object in the Microsoft VBScript Regular Expression type library, this task is surprisingly easy: «co ....Read More
Extract words with the RegExp object
Total Hit (3167) The following routine extracts all the words from a source string and returns a collection. Optionally, the result contains only unique words. This code is remarkably simpler than an equivalent "pure" VB solution because it takes advantage of the RegExp object in the Microsoft VBScript Regular Expr ....Read More
Search multiple substrings with the RegExp object
Total Hit (2991) The RegExp object in the Microsoft VBScript Regular Expression type library supports regular expression patterns containing the | (or) operator, which lets you search for multiple substrings at the same time. For example, the following piece of code lets you search for a month name in a source text: ....Read More
Count number of words with the RegExp object
Total Hit (3106) A Visual Basic function that counts the number of words in a sentence or text file can become quickly very complex, and usually doesn't execute fast enough for most purposes. Thanks to the RegEx object that comes with the Microsoft VBScript Regular Expression type library, this task becomes trivial. ....Read More
Create a better InStr function with VBScript regular expressions
Total Hit (13396) Regular expressions offer an extremely powerful way to search and replace text inside a string using sophisticated search criteria, far behind the capabilities of VB's InStr and Replace functions. For example, you can search for whole words, or find a match with a range of characters (for example, a ....Read More
GetWordOccurrences - Number of occurrences of each word in a string
Total Hit (2912) «Code LangId=1»' Analyze a source string and return a bidimensional array that contains ' all the words the string contains and the number of occurrences of each ' ' Example of usage: ' Dim arr() as Variant ' arr = GetWordsOccurrences(txtSource.Text) ' For i = 1 To UBound(arr, 2) ....Read More
Using Regular Expression With VB6 (Using Search/Replace , Match Collection, SubMatch Collection)
Total Hit (15180) This article will show you how you can use Regular Expression to do some complex Search and Replace task with Regular Expression. This demo will show you use of Matches and SubMatches collection to get all Matches in input string and SubMatches in a single Match. ....Read More
How to get all links (i.e. href value of < A > tag) from HTML Page using Regular Expression.
Total Hit (6401) Regular expression is avery powerful tool to solve any complex problem related to text processing. In this article I will show you a technique to parse only <A> tags from HTML file and retrive href value of <A> tag. You can use the same technique to parse any tag from HTML file. You can get value of ....Read More
Create your own Image/Link extractor tool using Regular Expressions
Total Hit (2626) This is a very simple code to present use of Regular expression to solve some complex text operation which is kinda impossible using inbuilt string functions available in Visual Basic. For More information Visit the following MSDN article «a href=' ....Read More

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