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 Links for
Great and VC++ projects and articles for beginners to advanced user.

Ofiicial site for Longhorn and resources from microsoft

 Links for PC Interfacing
Learn more about PC Interfacing and electronics

 Links for Networking
Its all about Networking very good detailed information about basic networking theories don't even think to miss this site

Windows socket reference

Very good site for windows 2000 and networking information

Kool VB/ADSI/WMI Scripts

 Links for SQL Server
Articals,Tutorials and many useful information for ORACLE, DB2, ACCESS, SQL Server

Don' miss this site its worth watching for database people and also for developers

Nice tips for SQL Server

Several tips for SQL Server administration and T-SQL

 Links for VB
All Api Network - Its all about api

This site is excellent and has been a continually updated source of VB (but not VB.NET) tips for as long as I can remember

Another good site for Free VB Code

Accelerator - The Site for Advanced Visual Basic Source Code

A very good site for TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, Winsock  and many more...

Combines a rock-solid understanding of COM with serious VB examples demonstrating how to achieve many things that would otherwise appear impossible

The sole purpose of this website is to share useful source for NT/2000 Administration and Automation purposes

Huge database of ready to use application and code snippets for VB/SQL programmers

Another kool site for API reference for VB programmers

Kool source codes....

Great site for MCI commands and some sample Audio/Video codes

Tutorials on API, GDI and graphics

Advanced graphics techiques in VB

Visual Studio Magazine and Visual Basic Programmer's Journal Archives

VBApiHelpLine-A gr8 API Site

APIs with examples

Brad's VB-32 Programs & Samples

Some useful tutorial and ready to use class module/active-x controls

Another API Site (Japanese )

ADSI Samples


Great site for MS Access Programming

 Links for
More than 1000 sample and c# source code and tutorial

A very good site with numerous sample code, tutorials and other useful materials for C#,, and other .Net languages

Ofiicial site for Longhorn resources from microsoft

A great site for .net Utilities

 Links for VC
Gr8 Win32 API Tutorial

Site for specification of various file formats

Site for C++ guys

 Links for HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Listamatic offers several examples of lists that use simple CSS. The examples cover nearly everything that you could possibly hope to achieve from an HTML list.

CSS from the Ground Up

This site offers a little bit of everything. They offer a great gallery for you to stop by and gawk at, as well as a number of resources on everything from lists to building layouts that do not use tables. Definitely a good overall resource on CSS.

No CSS guide would be complete if we did not address the issue of building a layout that does not use tables. This is certainly the most challenging aspect of CSS, learning how to build a nice layout. The people over at have put together examples of several different types of layouts. They may not offer every layout you could possibly use, but looking over their guides will certainly help you learn different techniques to learning how to layout your page.

There really cannot be enough resources on how to work with layouts using CSS. Ruthsarian Layouts offers several very good examples of popular layouts.

And yet again, we offer another site dedicated to learning layouts and the little quirks that each browser brings into your CSS design. This site may just have the most information on position with CSS than any other site.

This is another site that goes a bit beyond CSS and into some other aspects of design, but still offers so much to learn from that it is highly worth putting in your favorites file. Included in this site is an impressive gallery, some forums, a collection of bullets that you can use on your site (where has this been for the past several years?), and a great collection of resources.

The ASP.NET QuickStart is a series of ASP.NET samples and supporting commentary designed to quickly acquaint developers with the syntax, architecture, and power of the ASP.NET Web programming framework. The QuickStart samples are designed to be short, easy-to-understand illustrations of ASP.NET features. By the time you finish reading this tutorial, you will be familiar with the broad range of the new features in ASP.NET 2.0, as well as the features that were supported in earlier versions.

Awesome collection of some kool javascripts (menus, popups ...) . Dont miss it .... (All free stuff)

Huge collection of free fonts