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TemporaryDirectory - Get Windows temporary directory
Total Hit (3205)
SetIEContextMenuEnabled - Decide whether IE context menu is enabled
Total Hit (2929)
GetScreenSaverState, SetScreenSaverState - Enable or disable the screen saver
Total Hit (3287)
CreateFileAssociation - Associate a file extension to a program
Total Hit (3162)
BackgroundVerticalGradient - Paint a vertical gradient background
Total Hit (3381)
GetClassesByInterface - Retrieve all the classes that implement a given interface
Total Hit (2673)
ObjFromPtr - Return an object from its pointer
Total Hit (3329)
CompactPathToWindow - Shorten a path so that it fits a window's width
Total Hit (3051) «Code LangId=1» Private Type RECT Left As Long Top As Long Right As Long Bottom As Long End Type Private Declare Function IsWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hWnd As Long) As Long Private Declare Function GetClientRect Lib "user32" (ByVal hWnd As Long, _ lpRect As RECT) As Lon ....Read More
IsValidDateField - Check whether a date is valid
Total Hit (2942) «Code LangId=1»Enum psDateTypes AnyValidDate 'Allows any valid date to be entered PastDate 'Only allows past dates (before today) to be entered FutureDate 'Only allows future dates (after today) to be entered TodayOrFuture 'Only allows today or future date to be ....Read More
ShiftRight - Shift a Long to the right
Total Hit (2078) «Code LangId=1»' Shift to the right of the specified number of times ' ' NOTE: requires Power2() Function ShiftRight(ByVal value As Long, ByVal times As Long) As Long ' we need to create a mask of 1's corresponding to the ' digits in VALUE that will be retained in the result Dim ....Read More
Crc16 - Evaluate the 16-bit CRC of an array of bytes
Total Hit (3901) «Code LangId=1»Option Explicit ' Evalutate the 16-bit CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum) of an array of bytes ' ' If you omit the second argument, the entire array is considered Function Crc16(cp() As Byte, Optional ByVal Size As Long = -1) As Long Dim i As Long Dim fcs As Long Static ....Read More
Windows Installer Appears Every Time I Start an Application
Total Hit (4214) Intended For Windows XP Windows 2000 The Windows Installer is a global application used to install many Microsoft products, including Office 2000 and Office XP, and is even available to third-party developers to include with their programs. Unfortunately, it's fraught with bugs, one of ....Read More
Never use the GetLastError API function
Total Hit (3334) If you heavily use API calls and strictly follow the SDK documentation, you might be tempted to use the GetLastError API to retrieve the error returned by your last API function or procedure. However, this function doesn't always return valid error codes, because Visual Basic internally does a lot o ....Read More
Swap the mouse buttons' behavior and meaning
Total Hit (3714) You can programmatically swap the meaning of the left and right mouse buttons, to account for your left-handed users. All you need is a call to the SystemParameterInfo API function «Code LangId=1» Private Declare Function SystemParametersInfo Lib "user32" Alias _ "SystemParametersInfoA" (By ....Read More
Make a phone call using TAPI
Total Hit (4184) If TAPI libraries are installed on your machine, you can easily dial a number from a VB application using a single API call. Here's a function that encapsulates the call and that returns True if the dialing was successful: «Code LangId=1» Private Declare Function tapiRequestMakeCall Lib "TAPI32. ....Read More
Don't include Extender properties in ActiveX Wizard
Total Hit (2745) The left-most listbox in the first page in the ActiveX Control Interface Wizard includes all the properties exposed by the constituent controls currently on the UserControl's surface. Unfortunately, this list includes Extender properties, methods, and events, which should be never added to the publi ....Read More
A template for building collection class modules
Total Hit (3145) The following is a template for building collection class modules in a very quick and effective way. Copy-and-paste this code into Notepad, that save it to a file named "COLLECTION CLASS.CLS" in the \TEMPLATE\CLASSES subdirectory under the main VB6 directory: «Code LangId=1» VERSION 1.0 CLASS B ....Read More
Reduce the number of DoEvents
Total Hit (4032) Don't fill your code with unnecessary DoEvents statements, especially within time-critical loops. If you can't avoid that, at least you can reduce the overhead by invoking DoEvents only every N iterations of the loop, using a statement like this: «Code LangId=1» If (loopNdx Mod 10) = 0 Then DoEv ....Read More
How to get/set list of files copied in to clipboard using API
Total Hit (5368) «b»Step-By-Step Example«/b» - Create a standard exe project - Add one drive control, one dir control, one file control, three command button controls and one timer control. Set MultiSelect=True for File control - Add the following code in form1 «code LangId=1»Option Explicit ' Required data ....Read More
Scale, Translate, Shear, Reflect and Rotate graphics using World Transformation technique
Total Hit (5408) «b»Step-By-Step Example«/b» - Create a standard exe project - Add six commandbutton controls on form1 - Add one picturebox controls on the form1 - Add the following code in form1 «code LangId=1»Private Declare Function SetWorldTransform Lib "gdi32" ( _ ByVal hDC As Long, ByRef lpXf ....Read More
How to display API Error Description.
Total Hit (3587) When you execute any system API generally it returns success/failure using return value. To find out any error you have to use GetLastError api or Err.LastDllError property of Err object in VB. But it will return only ErrorCode not description. You can use following code to get description of API Er ....Read More
Another check if a file exists
Total Hit (2459) «Code LangId=1»Function FileExists(strFile As String) As Integer '******************************************************************************** '* Name : FileExists '* Date : Feb-17, 2000 '* Author : David Costelloe '* Returns : -1 = Does not exists 0 = Exists with zero bytes 1 = Exists > 0 ....Read More
Improve String Concatenation Performance
Total Hit (2577)
This is a link to a different site Receiving Data : Winsock API Test Bench sample application
Total Hit (3848) Today we'll learn how to use the recv Winsock API function with Visual Basic in order to read data from the Winsock buffer that collects all the bytes arrived through the network for our application.
This is a link to a different site Tutorial - Image List Control Introduction
Total Hit (1852) The Image List control allows you to add images to your program, which you can use in the other Common Controls (Toolbar, TreeView, ListView etc). To add the ImageList control to your VB project, click Project|Components, and check the box next to Microsoft Windows Common Controls x.x where x is the ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Implementing the Browse For Folders Dialog
Total Hit (976) Code to implement the Browse For Folders dialog in Win32/NT4. See the page above for commented descriptions of the function.
This is a link to a different site Using the Joystick, Mouse and Keyboard
Total Hit (1820) So far we have learned how to move, animate and do some other stuff to sprites. We have also looked into the area of sound playback in games. This is all very nice if you want to create a game with no human interaction. Since this is most likely not the kind of game you want to make, then you need t ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Texturising Images
Total Hit (1745) This sample provides a simple image processing application which applies a texture to an image by modifying the lightness of the image according to the lightness of a texture image. The texture image is tiled across the surface of the processed image. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site True Colour DIBSection
Total Hit (2464) This article describes in detail the DIB Section techniques used in the vbAccelerator Image Processor. It describes what DIB Sections are, how to use them and provides True Colour DIBSection class I wrote to wrap up the DIB Section.
This is a link to a different site Owner Draw Combo and List Boxes Version 2.1
Total Hit (1439) Owner draw combo and list boxes are an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your application. However, there is little support for them in Visual Basic. The only owner-draw combo box supplied is the Checked list box style, but this is a preset list box style with no possibility for customis ....Read More

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