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Working with Text dtatype (using READTEXT, WRITETEXT and TEXTPTR functions)
Total Hit (3563) «B»A. Use TEXTPTR«/B» This example uses the TEXTPTR function to locate the image column logo associated with New Moon Books in the pub_info table of the pubs database. The text pointer is put into a local variable @ptrval. «Code LangId=6» USE pubs GO DECLARE @ptrval varbinary(16) SELECT @p ....Read More
Copy text or image into or out of SQL Server
Total Hit (7140) In this article, I want to show, how you can copy a single text or image value into or out of SQL Server by using the textcopy.exe utility. You can find this utility in the directory containing the standard SQL Server EXE files (C:\Mssql\Binn for SQL Server 6.5, by default and C:\Mssql7\Binn for SQL ....Read More
How to transfer BLOB fields like text/image from one server to another in SQL60/65? The same can be done in SQL70 using distributed queries.
Total Hit (2219)
Here is a sample SP that shows how to manipulate text / image data. For simple insert / update of BLOB data, the INSERT / UPDATE statement will suffice. UPDATETEXT or WRITETEXT statements are required when modification of existing data needs to be done.
Total Hit (2170)
This is a simple routine that shows how to combine several binary values into a single image value. This is similar to string concatenation & this example just adds the bytes together as a stream.
Total Hit (2186)
Search/Replace text in text, ntext datatype column
Total Hit (3034) In SQL Server anything text longer than 8000 characters can be stored in TEXT or NTEXT datatype column but when you use TEXT or NTEXT datatype is not same as regular char, varchar, nchar or nvarchar datatype. You can not use string function like ltrim, rtrim, replace etc... Then how do you search an ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Brief Tutorial on Text, Ntext, and Image
Total Hit (1052) Databases are growing in size and complexity, in part because today's hardware and software allow us to store mind-boggling amounts of data—including multimedia and document data. JPG, PNG, MP3, DOC/RTF, HTML, Unicode, and XML data can all be stored as image, text, or ntext in SQL Server databases. ....Read More

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