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Send fax from SQL Server using Microsoft Word
Total Hit (9617) This article explains how you can create a Microsoft Word document from T-SQL and fax it through a method exposed by its Automation object model. You can create and destroy OLE Automation object using the sp_OACreate and sp_OADestroy, whereas you can use the sp_OAMethod to invoke a method, and t ....Read More
Is stored procedure running ?
Total Hit (2923)
Get listing of files in a specified directory or a network share. This stored procedure also return some useful information (e.g. date, times, directory, filesize, filename)
Total Hit (3901)
Export data to excel file
Total Hit (10549)
Export data to word file
Total Hit (4052)
Generate Insert Statements
Total Hit (7652)
Defragment of Indexes
Total Hit (2717)
Rebuild All Indexes
Total Hit (2643)
Check integrity of all tables
Total Hit (2680)
Run Script for each user
Total Hit (2723)
Advanced lock monitor stored procedure
Total Hit (2809)
search and replace substring
Total Hit (2854)
Change Object Owner
Total Hit (3293) This is very handy stored procedure which I use all time to change object owner. Many times you create object as a different user other than "dbo" and things start breaking. I use this sp to change owner off all objects to "dbo". «code LangId=6»/* This stored procedure can be used to run through ....Read More
Get all objects created before a specified date
Total Hit (2781)
Get table size and number of records for all tables in the specified database
Total Hit (2881) «code LangId=6»/* This stored procedure can be used to get the size of all users tables in the particular database with the number of their rows. You should simply pass the database name, as in the example below (if the database name was not specified, the current database will be used): EXEC ....Read More
Get all databse objected created between specified daterange
Total Hit (2778)
generate script for all stored procedures for the given database.
Total Hit (15184)
Useful undocumented extended stored procedures
Total Hit (3044) An extended stored procedure (xp) is a dynamic link library that runs directly in the address space of SQL Server and is programmed using the SQL Server Open Data Services API. You can run extended stored procedures from the Query Analyzer, for example, just as you would normal stored procedures. Ex ....Read More
SQL Server 2000 useful undocumented stored procedures
Total Hit (3786) In this article, I want to tell you about some useful undocumented stored procedures shipped with SQL Server 2000. «B»sp_MSget_qualified_name«/B» The sp_MSget_qualified_name stored procedure is used to get the qualified name for the given object id. Syntax sp_MSget_qualified_name objec ....Read More
How to check for the existence of a file from SQL Server?
Total Hit (3632) This example uses the standard DIR command & the documented xp_cmdshell SP. The undocumented sp 'xp_fileexist' is also shown for completeness.
generate INSERT statements from existing data.
Total Hit (3109) This procedure generates INSERT statements using existing data from the given tables and views. Later, you can use these INSERT statements to generate the data. It's very useful when you have to ship or package a database application. This procedure also comes in handy when you have to send sample d ....Read More
Find out the nth highest number in a column.
Total Hit (2548) Ever wondered how to find out the second highest salary from the employees table? Or how to find out the third oldest employee in the company? Here is a stored procedure which accepts the table name, column name, and nth number and displays the nth highest number from the given column. ....Read More
send NET SEND messages to all the connected SQL Server users in an NT Local Arean Network
Total Hit (4058) This stored procedure accepts a message as an input parameter and sends that message to all the currently logged in SQL Server users using NET SEND.
Send E-Mail Without Using SQL Mail in SQL Server.
Total Hit (2761)
How to search all columns of all tables in a database for a keyword?
Total Hit (3407) While browsing the SQL Server newsgroups, every once in a while, I see a request for a script that can search all the columns of all the tables in a given database for a specific keyword. I never took such posts seriously. But then recently, one of my network administrators was troubleshooting a pro ....Read More
Procedure to import SQL Server error log into a table (SQL 2000)
Total Hit (3182) This procedure reads the SQL Server error log using sp_readerrorlog and imports the error log's contents into a specified table. It accepts three parameters: @log_name is the name of the table into which the error log will be imported @log_number is the error log number, 0 is default and refers ....Read More
Stored procedure to generate a simple or complex random password
Total Hit (2942) This procedure generates random passwords using RAND() function. It can be configured to generate a simple or a complex password. You can also customize the length of the password generated. Complex passwords will include upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. See the code to ....Read More
T-SQL code to log messages to a text file on the server, from your stored procedures and SQL scripts
Total Hit (2936) This stored procedure accepts a message, filename, overwrite mode as an input parameters and logs that message to the specified file on the server
How to read remote registry using SQL Server.
Total Hit (3106) To run this code you have to download reg.exe file which can be downloaded from
Stored procedure to Send SMTP mail from SQL SERVER 2000 (Email Body max 8000 chars)
Total Hit (31865) This stored procedure can be used to send an email from sql server stored proc. <b>Features :</b> <UL><LI>SQL Mail is not required in order to send emails <LI>You can specify your own smtp server name <LI>Attach multiple files <LI>Text or HTML email <LI>To/from/cc/bcc/subject</UL> <b>Limit ....Read More

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