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ReplaceMulti - Multiple string replacements
[ All Languages » VB »  String]

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' Perform multiple substitutions in a string
' The first argument is the string to be searched
' The second argument is vbBinaryCompare or vbTextCompare
'   and tells whether the search is case sensitive or not
' The following arguments are pairs of (find, replace) strings
' For example:
'  Print ReplaceMulti("ABCDEF abcdef", vbBinaryCompare, "AB", "#", "DE", "%")
'     displays "#C%F abcdef"
'  Print ReplaceMulti("ABCDEF abcdef", vbTextCompare, "AB", "#", "DE", "%")
'     displays "#C%F #c%f"
' The function raises an error if the arguments are unbalanced

Function ReplaceMulti(ByVal Text As String, CompareMethod As VbCompareMethod, _
  ParamArray args() As Variant) As String
  Dim i As Integer
  ' raise Illegal Function Call error if the args()
  ' array contains an odd number of items
  If UBound(args) Mod 2 = 0 Then
    Err.Raise 5
  End If
  ' replace each argument in the pair
  For i = 0 To UBound(args) Step 2
    Text = Replace(Text, args(i), args(i + 1), , , CompareMethod)
  ReplaceMulti = Text
End Function

Submitted By : Nayan Patel  (Member Since : 5/26/2004 12:23:06 PM)

Job Description : He is the moderator of this site and currently working as an independent consultant. He works with, SQL Server and other MS technologies. He is, MCDBA and MCSE. In his free time he likes to watch funny movies and doing oil painting.
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