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Library : user32.dll  Category : _CategoryNotSet


Api Example(s)
  Change a CheckBox or OptionButton style at runtime
  Change the ShowInTaskbar property at runtime
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  Limit the length of an item in a ListView control
  Limit the length of the text in a TreeView node
  Suppress TreeView's tooltips
  ForceTextBoxCase - Set a textbox's upper/lowercase style
  ForceTextBoxNumeric - Create a numeric Textbox
  ForceTextBoxNumeric - Force a TextBox control to accept only numeric digits
  SetTreeViewBackColor - Change the background color of a TreeView control
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  Show and Hide a Form's Titlebar at run-time
  Floating Controls, Tooltip-style
  Adding Checkboxes to a Treeview via API
  How to modify (Add/Remove) System Menu using API ?
  How to create MenuBar, Submenu and MenuItem with events at runtime using API ?
  How to add your own menu item in System menu ?
  Realtime Clipboard viewer (Subclassing technique)
  CBalloonToolTipNotify: Class for System tray icon, Balloon tooltip, simple tooltip and Popup menu

API Description :
The SetWindowLong function changes an attribute of the specified window. The function also sets a 32-bit (long) value at the specified offset into the extra window memory of a window.


VB Declaration :

Show Multiline        Public  Private

Parameters :
Return :
OS Requirement :
Requires Windows NT 3.1 or later
Requires Windows 95 or later
Dotnet Replacement :
System.Windows.Forms.Control.Parent System.Windows.Forms.Form.CreateParams.ExStyle System.Windows.Forms.Form.CreateParams.Style System.Windows.Forms.Form properties System.Windows.Forms.Form events

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