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Library : gdi32.dll  Category : Filled Shapes


Api Example(s)
  Optimized Paint procedures with subclassing
  Read and modify a TextBox control's formatting rectangle
  Create a gradient background
  Process individual pixels of a bitmap
  Clipping the mouse to a rectangle area
  Mouse clipping with the Cursor class
  ComboBoxGetDroppedControlRect - Get the size of a ComboBox dropped rectangle
  ComboBoxSetHeight - Set a new height for the list portion of a ComboBox control
  ListBoxVisibleItems - The number of visible items in a ListBox control
  SetWindowShape - Create elliptical or rounded forms
  Creating owner drawn menu items to simulate a color picker
  CTreeViewEdit - A class for enhanced treeview node editing
  GetTreeViewNodeRect - The bounding rectangle of a TreeView's node
  CreateEmf - creating an Enhanced Metafile (EMF) from a bitmap image
  GetDoubleClickInfo - Retrieve double-click rectangle and timeout
  SetDoubleClickInfo - Set the double-click rectangle and timeout
  GetDesktopRect - Get size and position of available desktop area
  Displaying the directory tree using the TreeView control in VB.NET
  Drawing With Textures
  Creating Window Shapes from Bitmaps
  Drawing Borders and Edges using the API DrawEdge Function
  Splitting Aligned Controls on MDI Forms
  Sophisticated Control Over Window Sizing and Moving
  Generating MouseLeave Events for a Window
  Drawing Buttons, Option Boxes and Check Boxes In Your Own Style
  Moving Forms and Creating Resize Gripper Boxes
  Panel Selector Control
  Owner-Draw Cells with SGrid 2.0
  S-Grid 2.0 Features
  SGrid 2.0
  PopupMenu DLL - Create Unlimited Popup Menus
  Using the cNewMenu DLL to Create Start Menu/ICQ Style Pop-up Menus
  Owner-Draw Pop-up Menus
  Using ecdClientDrawOnly with the Owner Draw Combo List Box Control
  vbAccelerator Progress Bar Class
  vbAccelerator Status Bar Control
  vbAccelerator MDITabs Control
  GDI+ Wrapper
  Creating a new GDI Bitmap from a VB Picture or DC
  Restrict Mouse Movement to an Area of the Desktop
  Skinned ListBar
  Adding an Icon or Control to a TextBox or ComboBox
  Subclassing In .NET
  A .NET Implementation of the ZoomIn Utility
  Painting in the MDI Client Area
  How to Select the Entire Row in a ListView
  Working with OwnerDraw Menus in VB.NET
  Adding icons to menus in VB.NET
  A class to put a ProgressBar into a StatusBar
  A Primer on Building a Color Picker User Control with GDI+ in Visual Basic .NET or C#
  Preview and Print from Your Windows Forms App with the .NET Printing Namespace
  Working with Arc API (Arc, ArcTo, AngleArc)
  Implementing Balloon ToolTip with sound, System Tray Icon and Context menu
  How to create memory DC and bitmap using CreateCompatibleDC and CreateCompatibleBitmap API?
  Drawing Chord using API
  How to draw left/center/right aligned text for a given rectangle area ?
  Example of rectangle APIs
  Working with GDI Brush Object
  Scale, Translate, Shear, Reflect and Rotate graphics using World Transformation technique
  Working with Region API
  WindowPicker - Pick any window using mouse and highlight window region
  How to create Region from a Bitmap and perform Hit Testing within a Region ?
  Working with Basic Filled Shapes using GDI API
  How to perform clipping using API
  clsEMF : A class to Create/Play/Save Enhanced Meta File (EMF).
  Working with Meta Files (EMF,WMF and APM)
  Extract and Play individual record stored in WMF/EMF file
  How to retrive only visible items of treeview control?
  GetListSubItemFromPoint : Detect Listview item/subitem click (

API Description :
The Rectangle function draws a rectangle. The rectangle is outlined by using the current pen and filled by using the current brush.


VB Declaration :

Show Multiline        Public  Private

Parameters :
Return :
OS Requirement :
Requires Windows NT 3.1 or later
Requires Windows 95 or later
Dotnet Replacement :
System.Drawing.Graphics.DrawRectangle System.Drawing.Graphics.FillRectangle

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