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Perform an MSDE database backup through Transact-SQL
Total Hit (2464) The MSDE database engine is 100% compatible with SQL Server and subject to the same license policy of the Jet engine. One of the fundamental differences between MSDE and SQL Server is the lack of any graphical tool for the administration. Many users take advantage of Access 2000 as administrative fr ....Read More
Restore the SQL Server master database
Total Hit (2628) Restoring a corrupted master database is one of the most difficult tasks you may have to deal with. If this catastrophic event happens, here's how to proceed. First, you need to rebuild the master database. Details on this operation depend on the SQL Server version you run. With SQL Server 6.5 t ....Read More
Database Backup Script
Total Hit (3216) The procedure should be placed in an Admin database and scheduled - normally to run every day. The table DatabaseBackup should be created as defined near the top of the procedure. The call to be scheduled is in comments near the top of the procedure. It will backup every database on the server to ....Read More
Can I Backup Across the Network?
Total Hit (2358) You can backup over the network. I prefer to use UNC paths because mapping drives under SQL Server can cause some weirdness (Hmm... maybe an article on that). My favorite method is to not even muck with backup devices: BACKUP DATABASE Foo TO DISK = '\\myserver\myshare\foo.bak' WITH INIT ....Read More
Quickly Shrinking the Transaction Log
Total Hit (2572) In this article I would like to discuss about the following two things: 1) About shrinking the transaction log. 2) Different ways of taking the database offline. 1) Shrinking the log: The following is a trick for quickly shrinking the size of the transaction log which you think has beco ....Read More
Error : When I try to backup to a Network share
Total Hit (2707) I get the following error message: «b»"Can't open dump device ... device error or device off line. Please consult the SQL Server error log for more details."«/b» «b»«u»Resolution:«/u»«/b» To perform SQL Backup on network share SQL Executive service needs to run under an account that has permis ....Read More
SQL LiteSpeed - 95% compression and 75% faster than inbuilt SQL Backup
Total Hit (2340) SQL LiteSpeed is advanced backup and recovery software for Microsoft SQL Server 7, 2000 and Yukon. «b»SQL LiteSpeed's integrated high performance compression technology can:«/b» «LI»Reduce your backup storage costs by up to 95% «LI»Reduce backup time by up to 70%. «LI»SQL LiteSpeed provid ....Read More
Backup and Restore of SQL Server database using easy script.
Total Hit (2597) In this article I will show you the most common backup/restore commands. - How to take full backup of a SQL Server database. - How to resore full backup over the existing/new database. - How to restore full backup at different path over existing/new database. <b>How to take full backup of a ....Read More
How to automate your system database backup task using script.
Total Hit (3273) The following script will show you some powerful technique to script backup task for system/user database. Example also shows how to create one file which contains several backups which can expire at specified date. «code LangId=6»--drop table #tmpDevice create table #tmpDevice (device_name s ....Read More
This is a link to a different site SQL LiteSpeed 3.0 -- The Smarter DBA's Backup
Total Hit (739) For almost two years, DBassociatesIT has produced SQL LiteSpeed, an alternative to SQL Server's native backup and restore commands, offering greater security, faster backup and restore speed, and smaller backup files resulting in significantly reduced storage costs. With the introduction of SQL Lite ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Backup and Recovery
Total Hit (2416) You should back up your databases and transaction logs on a regular basis. In case of system problems, you can restore the backed up files and return to work more quickly than if you had neglected to back up your database. Additionally, every time Microsoft SQL Server starts, recovery is performed o ....Read More
This is a link to a different site How Do I Develop a Backup and Restore Strategy?
Total Hit (887) One of the most critical aspects of administering SQL Server is the Backup and Restore or Disaster Recovery strategy. Frequent questions in this forum indicate a general lack of knowledge and planning for backup and restore operations.
This is a link to a different site Compressed Backup of SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 and 2000 on Windows 2000
Total Hit (1152) DBAs are always running out of hard disk space when handling large databases such as data-warehouse databases and other VLDB. Backing up such databases to disk occupies more disk space, since Microsoft SQL Server does not have compression built into the backup process. SQL Server customers usually g ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Backing Up and Restoring SQL Server Databases and Transaction Logs
Total Hit (1056) The backing up and restoring of databases and transaction logs is a way that SQL Server provides to protect from data loss. The backup operation creates a copy of a database. This copy can be used to restore the database if media failure occurs or if the database is somehow damaged (for example, fro ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Backup Table Data in SQL Server 7.0 and 2000
Total Hit (1853) With SQL Server 6.5, Microsoft gave us an opportunity to do a backup (DUMP Table) of the tables. However, after 6.5, with both 7.0 and 2000, that feature has been removed for some reason. Here is a stored procedure that I wrote which gives similar functionality for backing up table data. This is ver ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Backup--Transfer--FTP!
Total Hit (1902) Having a standby server in a remote site, copying backup files directly to a Disaster recovery site or other requirements such as transfering files from one location to another using FTP creates the need for creating a FTP batch file using a changing parameter file. In this article, I will walk you ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Using a Script to Kill Processes in SQL
Total Hit (1032) Backing up and restoring databases is part of every administrator's job. While performing backups, a number of methods can be used to save time. If a database needs to be moved from one server to another, a backup on one server and a restore on another server is a great method. Some projects require ....Read More

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