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How to restore a SQL Server database marked as "suspect"
Total Hit (10482) At times a database appears to be marked as "suspect" in the Enterprise Manager. SQL Server marks a database as suspect with it can't access the database. What happens at a low level is that SQL Server sets one of the bits in the status field in the sysdatabases table. In general, this problem ha ....Read More
Make several SQL Server connections partecipate to the same transaction
Total Hit (3298) You can reuse resources from other connections by resorting to two little known SQL Server's stored procedures, which allow several connections to share the same transactional space: sp_bindsession and sp_getbindtoken. In particular the sp_getbindtoken stored procedure lets you retrieve the current ....Read More
mark the stored procedure to automatic execution
Total Hit (2682) You can use the sp_procoption system stored procedure to mark the stored procedure to automatic execution when the SQL Server will start. Note. Only objects in the master database owned by dbo can have the startup setting changed and this option is restricted to objects that have no parameters. ....Read More
Scripts to automatically get notified if a database grew due to the autogrowth option being turned on.
Total Hit (2796)
How to create new tempDB is tempDB is currepted or marked as suspect
Total Hit (2953) The following steps explain how you can create a new tempdb database. With this workaround, you are able to successfully start the SQL Server service. If they exist, rename the current Tempdb.mdf and Templog.ldf files. If the files do not exist, that is one possible reason for the suspect status, ....Read More
Viewing information about blocked processes is slightly uncomfortable process in SQL Server. Here are three SPs that make it a little easier.
Total Hit (2709)
How to forcefully disconnect users from a DB? This script also contains some timing features so that it doesn't run forever.
Total Hit (3016)
How to get NT Accounts from DOMAIN.
Total Hit (3483) Get NT account names of the server or domain using NT commands from T-SQL.
Get SQL Server Details ( Edition , License ... etc ).
Total Hit (2820) How to obtain details about the server using the new SERVERPROPERTY system function? «code LangId=6»SELECT CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'MachineName' ) AS varchar( 30 ) ) AS MachineName , CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'InstanceName' ) AS varchar( 30 ) ) AS Instance , CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'P ....Read More
Examples that show how to use the COLLATION features in SQL Server 2000.
Total Hit (11293)
How to get the data, tools & SQL path when there are several instances on the same server?
Total Hit (3290) The system SP used in this script is undocumented & needs to be used with care.
Handling database file growth
Total Hit (2662) Scripts to automatically get notified if a database grew due to the autogrowth option being turned on.
I can change the login audit levels in Enterprise Manager. But how can I do the same programmatically?
Total Hit (2778) To change the Audit levels, Enterprise Manager is calling an undocumented extended registry stored procedure that alters the registry entries. You can see that using Profiler. On a default instance of SQL Server 2000, the following commands can be used to control the audit levels. To audit bot ....Read More
How to check file size of all databases on the server.
Total Hit (2619)
Read current sql server error log.
Total Hit (3131) This procedure reads the current SQL Error Log. Optionally it can read any log (or text file) specified by @LogFilename
Monitoring Hard Drive Space
Total Hit (2765) This script monitors available disk space for the specified drive. If a drive name is not specified in @drivename parameter the usp_dba_diskspace_monitor stored procedure will check all drives against a space limit (MB) passed through @spacelimit parameter. If available disk space is less then @spac ....Read More
Network Attached Storage: An Overview
Total Hit (2611)
HOW TO: Identify Your SQL Server Service Pack Version and Edition
Total Hit (3629)
How can I use Transact-SQL to programmatically determine the number of processors that my SQL Server computer has?
Total Hit (3031)
How to find version and Service Pack applied on the SQL Server 2000/7.0/6.5
Total Hit (2510) Sometimes you need to find out which service pack version you are running on SQL Server. First, run this command in ISQL/W or Query Analyzer: SELECT @@Version Once you have the version number, then match it to the list below to find which SQL Server service pack you are using. 2000.8.00.76 ....Read More
Stored procedure which displays current or archived SQL Server Log
Total Hit (2900)
Selective Defrag/Reindex and Log
Total Hit (3042) SQL 2000 Only This script will create a stored procedure and a table in the master database. Simply run the stored procedure and supply a database name as a parameter. It will do the following: 1. Gather/Log DBCC SHOWCONTIG statistics (pre defrag) 2. Defragment all user indexes in the dat ....Read More
Monitoring Disk Space and Sending Alerts with TSQL
Total Hit (5342) Monitoring disk space is one important task for SQL Server DBAs. To proactively monitor disk space, we want to be notified when disk space is below certain level. We also want to collect database file size information over time for trend analysis, for which Gregory Larsen has an excellent article "A ....Read More
Avoid Auto Close and Auto Shrink.
Total Hit (2949) I was on-site with a client, whose had a server which performing very sluggishly. It was a beefy brute with heaps of memory and processing power, so clearly something was just not what it should have been. For me step 1 in doing any sort of trouble-shooting is to look at the logs. Yup, always a ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Shrinking Databases and Logs - SQL 7 and Higher
Total Hit (1762) SQL 7 and SQL 2000 allow automatic file growth. Therefore, the files can grow large. It is important to understand how to reduce the database and log files sizes. There are two DBCC commands to help shrink databases and files. Both are needed to reduce and maintain file sizes. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Why won't my transaction log shrink?
Total Hit (1892) Even though you have run DBCC SHRINKFILE and similar steps you may find that the log file will not shrink.
This is a link to a different site Can anyone tell me how to enable¦disable the display of the Master, Model, and Tempdb databases in Enterprise Manager?
Total Hit (1036)
This is a link to a different site How do I set up and configure SQL Mail?
Total Hit (1108) SQL Mail provides a way to send EMail from Micosoft SQL Server. The focus of this FAQ is configuration of SQL Mail. There are other ways to send Email from SQL Server. Links to articles about these alternatives to SQLMail are listed at the end of this FAQ. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Determining Table sizes, Index size, Total Rows
Total Hit (991) Ever wanted to find out the amount of space a table is taking up (in Kilobytes, not record size... although you will be able to get the record size too this way).
This is a link to a different site How to setup cluster with SQL Server
Total Hit (1110)

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