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Introduction To Data Warehousing Concept.
Total Hit (3252) Here is a Power Point Presentation for DataWarehousing. Its for all those who want to know the basics of DataWarehousing.
This is a link to a different site Best Practices for Business Intelligence Using the Microsoft Data Warehousing Framework
Total Hit (735)
This is a link to a different site OLAP and Data Warehousing - Data in Jail
Total Hit (1583) Please find below the follow-up to the first part in my OLAP and Data Warehousing (The Problem and Solution) series, a series dedicated to the discussion of OLAP and Data Warehousing technologies. A lack of world economic stabilization over the last few years has resulted in a growth of competit ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Data Warehousing for Cavemen
Total Hit (1943) This document is intended to make you buzzword-compliant with the MIS world. In terms simple enough even for an MIT computer science Ph.D. to understand, I'm going to explain OLTP, data warehousing, and OLAP. Kiss that ghetto post-doc goodbye and watch big companies line up to pay you $300/hour to r ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Data Warehousing Framework
Total Hit (1486) Making better business decisions quickly is the key to succeeding in today's competitive marketplace. Organizations seeking to improve their decision-making ability can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of data available from their varied operational and production systems. In respon ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Introduction to Data Mining with SQL Server
Total Hit (2709) In order to fully comprehend, much less implement enhanced Decision Support Systems in an organization, it is necessary to understand the basic precepts behind the requirements, methodologies and business drive to obtain information. Information about an organization gathered from various sources an ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Data Warehouse Design Considerations - 1
Total Hit (1362) Data warehousing is one of the more powerful tools available to support a business enterprise. Learn how to design and implement a data warehouse database with Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
This is a link to a different site Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading Techniques
Total Hit (2200) Chapter 17, "Data Warehouse Design Considerations," discussed the use of dimensional modeling to design databases for data warehousing. In contrast to the complex, highly normalized, entity-relationship schemas of online transaction processing (OLTP) databases, data warehouse schemas are simple and ....Read More

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