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How to read value from remote registry ?
Total Hit (2972) This article explains how to use a Visual Basic application to access the registry on a remote computer in conjunction with the Windows application programming interface (API). «B»Requirements«/B» You need the following hardware and software to perform the procedures in this article: A Micro ....Read More
How to check Remote Registry using registry api in VB?
Total Hit (1639)
How to add path to the PATH environment variable using VB/VBScript
Total Hit (4116) Many times we need to add application path to the existing environment PATH variable. This can be very tedious job if you have to do for several machine. I came up with some handy script which makes my life easy and hopefully you can use too. The sample code was used in VB6 but you can use it wit ....Read More
Simple VB Script to check Registry Key
Total Hit (5385) «code LangId=1»Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002 strComputer = "." Set objRegistry = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & _ strComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv") strKeyPath = "SOFTWARE\CCleaner" strValueName = "UpdateCheck" objRegistry.GetStringValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath,strVal ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Complete Registry control
Total Hit (1675) The cRegistry class is an easy, self-contained way to get complete access to the Windows registry. Simple methods allow you to create, enumerate and delete keys and values in the registry, without restriction. You can even read/write binary data to the registry. To see how powerful this library is, ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Setting Your Application to Automatically Run When Windows Starts
Total Hit (1454) This source code shows how to automatically start an application when Windows starts using the registry. You can either have the application Auto-Start once next time Windows starts, or everytime Windows starts. The method uses my cRegistry class to make it easy to get the registry information. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Easy INI File Access
Total Hit (1427) The cIniFile class is an easy, self-contained way to get complete access to INI files. Although use of INI files is no longer recommended under Windows (you should use the registry instead - see my Registry class for an easy migration from this method of using Ini files to using the registry) they a ....Read More

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