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Submitted By : Nayan Patel  (Member Since : 5/26/2004 12:23:06 PM)

Job Description : He is the moderator of this site and currently working as an independent consultant. He works with, SQL Server and other MS technologies. He is, MCDBA and MCSE. In his free time he likes to watch funny movies and doing oil painting.
View all (893) submissions by this author  (Birth Date : 7/14/1981 )

Object Oriented features in (Part-2)
Total Hit (9057) In the previous article we discussed the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming. Now let's implement all this in our favorite language - «big»Creating Classes in«/big» As we discussed earlier, objects are instances of a specific template – called a Class. A "Class" contai ....Read More
Object Oriented features in (Part-3)
Total Hit (6758) «big»Inheritance«/big» Now that VB.Net supports many object oriented features, lets discuss about Inheritance. Inheritance is the cornerstone of Object Oriented programming. supports inheritance and I am sure VB6 programmers will welcome this step. Inheritance gives us an ability to define ....Read More
Working with DateTime and TimeSpan Object in
Total Hit (29092) In this article we will explore some key language features which are frequently used by VB programmers. «big»DateTimes in«/big» provides many new features for DateTime datatype. Unlike VB6 in you can initialize DateTime variable with verity of initial values. In you ....Read More
How to force file download using code in
Total Hit (7191) Many times we have requirement to popup file download dialogbox instead of user clicking on a link. This little code you can use in your ASPX page. Call the following method from your code which should prompt a file download dialogbox in user's browser. «code LangId=2»Public Sub DownloadF ....Read More
This is a link to a different site SQL Server 2005 Full-Text Search: Internals and Enhancements
Total Hit (667) The full-text search feature of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 delivers enterprise search functionality integrated into the database. Significant enhancements in the areas of performance, manageability, and functionality deliver best-of-breed search capabilities for applications of any size. This pap ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Building Search Applications for the Web Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Full-Text Search
Total Hit (801) The Full-Text Search feature of Microsoft® SQL™ Server 2000 allows you to perform fast and flexible queries against indexes built on unstructured text data. A common use of Full-Text Search is that of the search engine for web sites. There are a number of concepts and abstractions that are useful in ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Statistics Used by the Query Optimizer in Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Total Hit (483) Describes what data is collected, where it is stored, and which commands create, update, and delete statistics about indexes and column data stored in the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. These statistics are used by the SQL Server query optimizer to choose the most efficient plan for retrieving ....Read More
Error=[Microsoft ][odbc sql server driver] I/O error while reading BCP file format
Total Hit (5763) I was getting the follwoing error when used BCP format file. <font color=red>sql state s1000, native error=0 Error=[Microsoft ][odbc sql server driver] I/O error while reading BCP file format</font> I was sure that I used a correct BCP file format as shown below. I used a format file sh ....Read More
Reading Text Files Into Tables with line numbers.
Total Hit (2063) Some times we need to read text file line by line or read a specific line using T-SQL. This article will explain a simple technique using xp_CmdShell stored proc. Let's first create a sample file which we will import into SQL Server table. <b>test.txt</b> «code LangId=999»<Pre>Hello this is a ....Read More
Language features - Variables and types
Total Hit (2230) The Microsoft .NET Framework provides a robust system of primitive types to store and represent data in your application. Data primitives represent integer numbers, floating-point numbers, Boolean values, characters, and strings. In you can declare variable using Dim statement as shown be ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Importing and Exporting Data with SQL Server
Total Hit (987) Transferring data, whether into or out of a database, can be a complex process. SQL Server provides several tools that help you in a variety of situations, including the Bulk Copy Program, the Select statement, the Transfer Manager, and Query results. This chapter examines those options, and times w ....Read More
Tutorial - Language and Syntax changes in VB.Net for VB6 Programmers
Total Hit (9496) If you are a VB6 programmer and want to learn then it will be easier for you but still you need to learn new language and syntax changes in This article is for VB6 programmers who are moving to New programmers can skip this article, we will cover each language feature in detai ....Read More
A general benchmarking class
Total Hit (2255) Many times we need to benchmark some routine or a block of code. This class will help you to benchmark a routine or a block of code. «code LangId=2»Public Class BenchMark Delegate Sub BenchmarkDelegate() Enum BenchmarkModes DontShow Console MessageBox End ....Read More
Tutorial - Getting familiar with Visual IDE
Total Hit (10089) In this article we will look at the new exciting features of Visual 2003 IDE. «a name=#L1»«/a» «big»Main window«/big» Visual IDE provides several layout options to provide simulated environment from previous versions. You can select different profile for keyboard or window ....Read More
Tutorial - The CLR (Common Language Runtime), Microsoft's answer to Sun JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
Total Hit (7994) «a name=#L1»«/a» «big»What is CLR«/big» The common language runtime is the execution engine for .NET Framework applications. It provides a number of services, including the following: «UL»«LI»Code management (loading and execution) «LI»Application memory isolation «LI»Verification of ty ....Read More
How to read data from Excel file
Total Hit (3070) Many times we have requirements to load data from CSV file, text file or Excel file... In this article I will show a sample code which reads a specified rows and columns from excel file. «code LangId=1»Private Sub Command1_Click() ImportExcelToSQL "c:\temp\diamond_upload.xls", 0, 20, True ....Read More
Tutorial - Assembly
Total Hit (21966) «a name=#L1»«/a» «big»What is Assembly?«/big» An assembly is the primary building block of a .NET Framework application. It is a collection of functionality that is built, versioned, and deployed as a single implementation unit (as one or more files). All managed types and resources are marked e ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Implementing Error Handling with Stored Procedures
Total Hit (515) This is one of two articles about error handling in SQL Server. This article gives you recommendations for how you should implement error handling when you write stored procedures, including when you call them from ADO.
This is a link to a different site The Curse and Blessings of Dynamic SQL
Total Hit (643) In this article I will discuss the of use dynamic SQL in stored procedures in MS SQL Server, and I will show that this is a powerful feature that you should use with care.
This is a link to a different site How to share data between stored procedures
Total Hit (579) Questions you often see in newsgroups about MS SQL Server are: How can I use the result set from one stored procedure in another or How can I use the result set from a stored procedure in a SELECT statement?
This is a link to a different site Connecting to MS SQL Server from Unix
Total Hit (819) I've written this page as I keep getting questions on how to access MS SQL Server from Unix. I have never had any reason talk to SQL Server from Unix myself, but since people kept asking me how to do it, I decided to compile an web page with the tiny fragments of information and I have. The main foc ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Arrays and Lists in SQL Server
Total Hit (664) In the public forums for SQL Server, you often see people asking How do I use arrays in SQL Server? Or Why does SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE col IN (@list) not work? This text describes several methods to do this, both good and bad ones. I also present data from performance tests of the various methods. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Calling .Net Classes from Visual Basic 6
Total Hit (862) Despite all the power and features of Visual Studio.Net, lots of developers are sticking with good old Visual Basic 6 for at least some of their development projects. There's good reason for this. Tens of thousands of developers know VB6 from the inside out, and can create applications quickly and e ....Read More
How to delete files older than N days from a specified path with specified file name pattern?
Total Hit (6961) Some time I need to write a clenup routine which checks fol old files and delete if older than a specified days. Here is a code snippet which does the same thing. «code LangId=2»Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click '//d ....Read More
How to send/receive XML document using HTTP POST ?
Total Hit (7358) In my recent project we had a requirement to send a HTTP request in XML document format (e.g. request for a specific order detail). The response was also in XML format. So now question is how would you do that in .Net? Here is the code snippet which you can use to do the same thing. «code LangId= ....Read More
This is a link to a different site How To Recursively Search Directories by Using Visual Basic .NET
Total Hit (1142) This article demonstrates through code how to recursively search subdirectories for files, starting with a root directory. A search string is specified so that you can search for files that match a certain criteria. Each part of the code is explained as necessary. A working code sample is also provi ....Read More
How to move/resize window using API?
Total Hit (4384) «code LangId=1»Private Const SWP_SHOWWINDOW = &H40 Private Const SW_HIDE = 0 Private Const SW_RESTORE = 9 Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" _ Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, _ ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameter ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Ajax - New way of developing web applications using XMLHttpRequest
Total Hit (2322) Ajax is not a new technology but it's a new way of developing web application which can refresh data without submitting the web page (Ohhh kool hows that possible !!!).
ISSUE : IIS6.0 prevents the upload of files more than +200 KB
Total Hit (2328) IIS6.0 prevents the upload of files more than +200KB. So you need to make some changes in the default IIS settings first. «b»Background«/b» For IIS6.0 users, the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed property specifies the maximum number of bytes allowed in the entity body of an ASP request. If a Conten ....Read More
Object Oriented features in (Part-1)
Total Hit (4943) In this article we will discuss about Object Oriented Features available in Let’s first understand the basic terminology used in Object Oriented Programming. «big»Classes, Objects, Members and Abstraction«/big» An object in programming is a construct that represents something from th ....Read More

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