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Submitted By : Nayan Patel  (Member Since : 5/26/2004 12:23:06 PM)

Job Description : He is the moderator of this site and currently working as an independent consultant. He works with, SQL Server and other MS technologies. He is, MCDBA and MCSE. In his free time he likes to watch funny movies and doing oil painting.
View all (893) submissions by this author  (Birth Date : 7/14/1981 )

This is a link to a different site Custom Assembly in Reporting Services
Total Hit (947) SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services is a server-based reporting solution that can deliver interactive Web–based reports. This article describes a problem that occurs when you access a custom assembly in your Reporting Services report that does not have sufficient permissions on the resources in your ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Querying the SQL Server System Catalog FAQ
Total Hit (881) Data Types How do I find the data types of the columns of a specified table? How do I find the LOB data types of a specified table? How do I find the columns that depend on a specified data type? How do I find the computed columns that depend on a specified CLR user-defined type or alias d ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Top Questions about the DataGrid Web Server Control
Total Hit (963) Windows Forms versus Web Forms DataGrid Controls Controlling Column Width, Height, and Alignment Customizing Column Layout in Display and Edit Mode Formatting Dates, Currency, and Other Data Showing and Hiding Columns Dynamically Adding Columns Dynamically Adding New Records to a Data Source U ....Read More
Reusable function to open form by name
Total Hit (2068) «code LangId=2»Private Sub showForm(ByVal frmName As String) Dim frm As Form frm = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.CreateInstanceAndUnwrap( _ Me.GetType.Assembly.GetName.Name, _ System.String.Concat(Me.GetType.Assembly.GetName.Name, ".", frmName) _ ) frm.Show() End ....Read More
Grouping Problem: How to get single record from group with minimum value of one field?
Total Hit (2265) Assume that you have multiple record of customer transactions but you only want one record for each customer with minimum transaction date field... How would you do it ???? Please check the following query «code LangId=6»create table #tmp(cust_code varchar(10),cdate datetime,amount money) ....Read More
Using RDL from SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 in SQL Server Reporting Services 2000
Total Hit (2039) When you open a Report Definition Language (RDL) file that was created in SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services in a SQL Server 2005 version of Report Designer, or publish it to a SQL Server 2005 report server, the file is automatically upgraded to SQL Server 2005 format. But is it possible to downgrad ....Read More
SQL Server Reprting Services (SSRS) Report Design Tips and Tricks
Total Hit (3380) This white paper covers best practices on report design and helps you avoid common mistakes when choosing a report layout and output format. Take advantage of existing product features to achieve the results you want. The paper includes report and code examples that implement functionality that is f ....Read More
This is a link to a different site The implementation of Flags using bitwise operators
Total Hit (838) Bitwise operators give you the ability to store multiple settings in a single primitive data type (e.g. an integer). This is useful when a single item has potentially more than one setting of the same type. For example, a message box could have an Ok button, a Cancel button, a Retry button or any co ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Understanding BCP/BULK COPY Format Files
Total Hit (920) In Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and earlier, bulk exporting and importing works with a single type of format file. This is supported in Microsoft SQL Server 2005. SQL Server 2005 also supports XML format files as an alternative. To distinguish format files of the original type, they are called non-XML ....Read More
How to create Format File using BCP command
Total Hit (15999) When you bulk import into a SQL Server table or bulk export data from a table, you can use a format file to store format information for each field in a data file relative to that table. A format file provides a flexible system for writing data files that requires little or no editing to comply with ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Writing Provider-Independent Data Access Code with ADO.NET 2.0
Total Hit (800) When you need to write an application that allows users to select the database provider, the application code itself needs to be completely provider-independent. ADO.NET 2.0 helps you create and deliver database applications even when you don't know what database your clients are using. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Display Multiple reports using single ReportViewer control
Total Hit (913) It is easy to get the ReportViewer Control to report off of a DataSet that is set during design time. But what if you want to use code to cause one ReportViewer control to display many totally different reports using your own O/R mapper collection instead? It is not easy to see how to do this, but i ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Scanning the network for SQL Server for a range of IP addresses
Total Hit (805) In a large IT department, it can be difficult to locate where new SQL Server installations were made and how many of those SQL Servers were patched, etc. This article explains how to scan the entire network for a range of IP addresses to find which boxes have SQL Server instances installed. The OSQL ....Read More
Reusable routine for Encryption/Decryption of String in
Total Hit (2158) The following code snippet will help you to perform string encryption/decryption using «code LangId=2» Imports System Imports System.Xml Imports System.Text Imports System.Security.Cryptography Imports System.IO Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ....Read More
This is a link to a different site How to generate flat file with Header and Footer record in SSIS
Total Hit (789) A common question with SSIS is how to handle adding headers and footers to a flat file when the format is different that the data rows. This gets more difficult when the header or footer needs to contain data based on the actual data rows, such as a total or a record count. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Free SQL 2000/2005 scripting tool (includes missing feature from 2005 i.e. IF EXISTS -> DROP)
Total Hit (595)
How to find and sort files based on creation time
Total Hit (5754) The following code will sort file list based on CreationTime «code LangId=2»Option Explicit On Option Strict On Imports System.Collections Imports System.IO Module Module1 Private Class CreateTimeComparer Implements IComparer Public Function Compare(ByVal x ....Read More
How to auto refresh page
Total Hit (6371) Here is the script to refresh page automatically at certain interval «code LangId=4» <html> <HEAD> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- Begin /* Because this is a true refresh, you might want to put a notice on the page that it refreshes every "X" minutes */ function reFresh() ....Read More
IIS Resource Kit
Total Hit (1945) <b>Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Resource Kit Tools</b> The IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools can help you administer, secure, and manage IIS <a href=''> ....Read More
This is a link to a different site SSIS Script Task Variable Write Example (Using LockOneForWrite)
Total Hit (1440) I had some difficulty finding a succinct code example for how to change the value of a variable in a SQL Server 2005 SSIS Script task, so I thought I would add one here now that I think I've figured it out. (Is anyone besides me disappointed by the lack of examples in the Books Online and Help?) ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Bulk Edit GridView ( 2.0)
Total Hit (834) GridView is a tremendously useful control in ASP.NET 2.0. Despite being much improved from the DataGrid of the ASP.NET 1.x era, GridView still lacks some features which always seem to be requested. This is a multipart post on how to customize GridView to add some of this missing functionality. I' ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Solutions to Top Four Questions on DataGrid Web Server Control
Total Hit (900) The Top Four Questions that are addressed in this articles are, 1. Editing and Inserting Multiple Rows at Once. 2. Manipulating DataSource Values while binding to DataGrid 3. DropDownList in Editable DataGrid 4. Showing and Hiding Columns dynamically ....Read More
This is a link to a different site How To Install and Configure a Virtual Private Network Server in Windows 2000
Total Hit (2247) A virtual private network (VPN), allows you to connect components to a network, via another network, such as the Internet. You can make your Windows 2000 Server-based computer a remote-access server so that other users can connect to it by using VPN, and then access shared files on your local drives ....Read More
This is a link to a different site How to setup a VPN Server & Client - WinXP [NOT 56k Friendly]
Total Hit (2981)
How to find start/end date of Previous Quarter
Total Hit (2963) «code LangId=6»declare @PrevQtrDate datetime declare @PrevQtrStartDate datetime,@PrevQtrEndDate datetime declare @ReportDate datetime set @ReportDate=getdate() set @PrevQtrDate=dateadd(q,-1,@ReportDate) Print @PrevQtrDate set @PrevQtrStartDate=cast(month(@PrevQtrDate) as varchar(10)) + ' ....Read More
Displaying RTF formatted text in SQL 2005 Reporting services
Total Hit (40189) I haven't tried this but it may be helpful to someone who is trying to display RTF formatted text on their report. Crystal Report Support RTF/HTML format but RS 2005 doesnt support. May be MS will add in the next release. Just follow these steps: Compile the code below it into a class Firs ....Read More
Useful Stored Proc to get Foreign Key Information of any DB for any table(s)
Total Hit (2014) «code LangId=6»Create proc spFKInfo @TableName varchar(100)='%', @DBName varchar(100)='Northwind' as declare @sql varchar(max) set @sql=' SELECT RELATION= FK.TABLE_SCHEMA + ''.'' + FK.TABLE_NAME + ''.'' + CU.COLUMN_NAME + '' -> '' + PK.TABLE_SCHEMA + ''.'' + PK.TABLE_NAME + ''. ....Read More
How to Implement IRR Financial function like Excel IRR in SQL Server using T-SQL
Total Hit (23022) Have you ever wondered how to use same functionality of IRR function of Excel in T-SQL. Well unfortunately there is no inbuilt function in T-SQL but we can create a user defined function to implement the same logic as IRR of Excel/VB. «code LangId=6»create table IncomeTable ( amt float, d ....Read More
How to find all tables with/without Primary Key from a specified Database
Total Hit (3308) Primary Key is important constraint to maintain integrrity and speed. Here is the query if you want to find all tables without Primary key. <u><b>Note: Please change Northwind with your DB name.</b></u> <b>All tables without primary key from Northwind Database</b> «code LangId=6»Select * from ....Read More
generate script for Stored procs, Search for string with in stored proc(s) code, count line of stored proc(s)
Total Hit (2502) The following script will search for all stored proc and user defined function for specific substring. So if you looking for which proc is using "CREATE INDEX" code you can easily pinpoint that using this code. It will list size of all tables or table with specific name (use wildcard) It will co ....Read More

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