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Submitted By : Nayan Patel  (Member Since : 5/26/2004 12:23:06 PM)

Job Description : He is the moderator of this site and currently working as an independent consultant. He works with, SQL Server and other MS technologies. He is, MCDBA and MCSE. In his free time he likes to watch funny movies and doing oil painting.
View all (893) submissions by this author  (Birth Date : 7/14/1981 )

This is a link to a different site 279815 - How To Validate User Credentials from Visual Basic by ...
Total Hit (2284) A user's credentials are made up of his or her user name and password, which can be used to validate the user on a given Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, or Microsoft Windows XP domain. This article demonstrates how to call the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) functions from M ....Read More
How to drop all temp tables created by current connection.
Total Hit (5695) Few days ago I came up with one problem. I was tesing a script in query analyzer. This script was using several temp tables so every time I run this script I had to make sure that all temp tables are dropped before I run the script otherwise it will give bunch of errors. So I decided to write a proc ....Read More
This is a link to a different site C Implementation of MD5 algorithm
Total Hit (3929)
MD5 Algorithm implementation in T-SQL
Total Hit (8516) MD5 is very secure one way encryption. You can use MD5 to encrypt passwords stored in database.
Fastest way to export MSFlexgrid data to Excel file.
Total Hit (7372)
How to export ADO recordset to an Excel file
Total Hit (2372) Some times we have situation when we want to export ADO recordset to an excel file. Here is the code ...
How to display balloon style tooltip (Updated)
Total Hit (14727) Using api you can create ballon style tooltip. You can also set varous parameter for tooltip i.e. Delay time, Style, Color, font etc... I have used IFont to get font handle from StdFont but IFont may create problem sometimes. Check the following article to convert StdFont to APIFont «a href='h ....Read More
How to do Asynchronous Loading of Data Without Threading.
Total Hit (2970) Sometimes we need to work with long running task but still we dont want to stop responding other events in this type of situation mostly we will think about implementing threading. But here is more easy way without implementing threading. Today we will discuss about IAsyncResult class found in Sy ....Read More
This is a link to a different site How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google
Total Hit (5646) This article the Google search engine promotion tips given in that issue and extends it with new Google search engine positioning tips.
Tutorial on Working with File I/O in VB6
Total Hit (2499) «b»Reading from a file«/b» «code LangId=1»Public Function ReadFromFile(FilePath As String) As String Dim iFile As Integer Dim s As String '//Check for File Path If Dir(FilePath) = "" Then Exit Function On Error GoTo ErrorHandler: iFile = FreeFile Open FilePa ....Read More
Display all files in a specified directory or a path
Total Hit (1384)
Using Regular Expression With VB6 (Using Search/Replace , Match Collection, SubMatch Collection)
Total Hit (14938) This article will show you how you can use Regular Expression to do some complex Search and Replace task with Regular Expression. This demo will show you use of Matches and SubMatches collection to get all Matches in input string and SubMatches in a single Match. ....Read More
How to Cancel Printing job sent to Printer.
Total Hit (2473) To learn more about Printing Using API click on the folloing link «a href=''»«/a»
This is a link to a different site Nested Grids for Hierarchical Data
Total Hit (609) How to display Hierarchical Data using datagrid control.
Path API Demo (BeginPath, EndPath, AbortPath)
Total Hit (3420) This is very simple demo to demonstrate how to use path API in grawing. To learn more about path Please visit following URL «a href=''»«/a» «b»To implement Quick Demo, Copy/Past ....Read More
Send Raw Data to a Printer (Bypass Printer Driver) Using the Win32 API from Visual Basic.
Total Hit (11396) The Visual Basic Printer object allows for printing through printer drivers, but there may be times when it is desirable to use the Win32 API to send information more directly to the printer. The code sample to follow shows how to achieve this by using API functions that bypass printer drivers to co ....Read More
How to shutdown remote machine on a network using API.
Total Hit (4097) This demo will show you how to shutdown remote machine in a specified interval. When you shutdown machine you will see following warning message. «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang1/Cat3/Code3580/image3580_1.gif'/»«/P»«BR» «b»For Quick Demo«/b» 1. Start a new project in Vis ....Read More
How to display API Error Description.
Total Hit (3189) When you execute any system API generally it returns success/failure using return value. To find out any error you have to use GetLastError api or Err.LastDllError property of Err object in VB. But it will return only ErrorCode not description. You can use following code to get description of API Er ....Read More
Chattanoga trip - Part1
Total Hit (1546) «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3582/image3582_1.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3582/image3582_2.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3582/image3582_3.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=ce ....Read More
Chataanoga trip - Part2
Total Hit (1635) «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3583/image3583_1.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3583/image3583_2.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3583/image3583_3.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=ce ....Read More
Chattanoga trip - Part3
Total Hit (1383) «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3584/image3584_1.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3584/image3584_2.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=center»«img src='/Main/Articles/Lang8/Cat254/Code3584/image3584_3.JPG'/»«/P»«BR» «BR»«P Align=ce ....Read More
How to set print layout of Excel file programatically using VB code
Total Hit (8925) This code will show you - How to make column width to auto fit - How to set column width - How to set papersize - How to set page orientation
How to set pagebreak in excel sheet using VB
Total Hit (2095)
How to display COM error description in SQL Stored procedure ?
Total Hit (2715) When we deal with COM object using sp_OAxxxx stored procedure sometimes you need exact error description to Identify the problem. Here is the solution for this type of problem. sp_displayoaerrorinfo stored procedure will display any error encountered while executing sp_OAxxxx stored procedure. ....Read More
How to export table or Query output to a file using BCP
Total Hit (2187) To export Query result to a file use following command to your command prompt «code LangId=6»EXEC master..xp_cmdshell 'bcp "select * from pubs..authors" queryout c:\authors.txt -c -Usa -Pmypassword'«/code» To export table to a file use following command to your command prompt «code LangId ....Read More
Windows Socket Programming tutorial : Part-2 (Implementing Winsock Client)
Total Hit (4385)
Windows Socket Programming tutorial : Part-1 (Implementing Winsock Server)
Total Hit (37763) In this article we will explore power of winsock api. We will implement very simple Asynchronous client and server using API without using Winsock Active-X control. Before we go into more detail let me clear why one more article on the earth for winsock API ... «b»Why This Article ???«/b» You ....Read More
Get IP from Host Name.
Total Hit (3260) This example will show you how to get IP address from host name and also How to retrive all associated IPs to your local machine.
Use CopyMemory api for performance.
Total Hit (3326) This article will demonstrate that how CopyMemory can boost the performance of for some simple operations (e.g string append.). Here we will banchmark VB Mid function vs CopyMemory Api.
How to load XML data in sql server table using stored procedure
Total Hit (2066) This article will show you a simple example to load XML document in SQL Server

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