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How to load BMP file into memory and perform rotation on it ?
Total Hit (5662) Bitmap rotation is a graphic effect that Visual Basic does not natively offer. This article shows how to rotate a given image in 90-degree increments. It allows you to rotate any image 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees. With a little work, the code can be modified to rotate to any angle, but that is beyond ....Read More
How to load bitmap data into array from file to perform image operation?
Total Hit (3771) To modift RGB value of bitmap Load the image using LoadPicture() then call GetDIBits() on it's handle to extract the image data and perform the edits you want, then finally SetDIBits() the data back and display where you wish: In our next article I will show you how to get pointer to 2D pixel array ....Read More
Load, Modify and Save 1, 4, 8, 15 (Bit-fields), 16, 24 and 32-bit Bitmaps using GDI Apis.
Total Hit (3761) This sample code will show you how to load 1, 4, 8, 15 (Bit-fields), 16, 24 and 32-bit images from disk and modify them into memory and save back to disk. Just copy/paste the following code into form1 code window. Before you run this example make sure that you modify the ImgPath and SavePath. ....Read More
Working with Bitmap and DIB
Total Hit (11079) In this article we will learn basic concept to work with Bitmap and DIB. We will wrap all functionality in a handy class which can give you ability to work with 2D Pixel array of Bitmap loaded into the memory. Before we implement DIB and BMP class lets understand BMP file format which is DIB (Dev ....Read More
How to create memory DC and bitmap using CreateCompatibleDC and CreateCompatibleBitmap API?
Total Hit (14081) In this article you will learn how to create a DC in memory and create a bitmap for that DC with a specified height and width. To create memory bitmap you have to do the following steps «OL»«LI»CreateCompatibleDC to create the memory DC. «LI»CreateCompatibleBitmap (potential pitfall - use the Us ....Read More
How to use BeginPath and EndPath to fill open shapes.
Total Hit (3178) Have you ever tried to fill shapes which are drawn by Polyline or PolyBezier which doesn't draw closed figures. The problem is its not closed figure so you cannot fill using regular fill method which works very well with closed figures. The solution to this problem is BeginPath and EndPath apis Y ....Read More
How to create pattern brush from bitmap or picture object ?
Total Hit (4888) In this article we will learn how to use CreatePatternBrush along with CreateBitmap API. CreateBitmap can be used to create a memory bitmap of specified width, height and Bits/Pixel. CreatePatternBrush can create a pattern brush based of Bitmap. You can also use VB Picture object as a bitmap handle. ....Read More
How to use CopyImage API to create a resized monochrome image from the color image ?
Total Hit (7027) In some situation you can find CopyImage API very useful. CopyImage can create a new resized monochrome bitmap using single API call. «b»Step-By-Step Example«/b» - Create a standard exe project - Place two picturebox controls and two command buttons - Place the following code in form1 «cod ....Read More
Getting StdPicture's Width and Height properties in Pixels
Total Hit (3547) In general, Visual Basic doesn't provide a way to determine the size of a bitmap loaded into a PictureBox control. But you can derive this information if you set the control's AutoSize property to True and then read the control's ScaleWidth and ScaleHeight properties. If you don't want to resize a v ....Read More
How to read image Width and Height in Pixel (Works in VB, ASP, VBScript)?
Total Hit (2531) You can use the following code to read image height and width in pixels. If you want to use this code in ASP or VB Script then you have to compile the code in to DLL and then you can call CreateObject Method. <b>Steps if you are using in ASP/VBScript</b> - Create an ActiveX DLL project - R ....Read More

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