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Api Example(s)
  Quick comparison among UDTs
  MK? And CV? - Convert numbers to strings and back
  Faster string appending with Mid$ command
  The number of dimensions of an array
  Building arrays on the fly
  Checking if a Floppy Drive is ready using FileSystemObject library
  Creating an ASP.NET Web Application in a physical folder of your choice
  Create arrowed buttons without icons
  Use a ListBox as a poor man's grid
  Showing and enumerating MDI child forms
  Don't pass Private objects to client applications
  Release COM objects earlier
  Read and write File ODBC data sources
  Connect a stand-alone Recordset to a database using XML
  Drawing Bézier splines
  Drawing Cardinal splines
  Correctly restore mouse cursor
  How to perform a distributed query using a linked server on SQL Server
  LinkedList - a class module to store list of values
  A whole chapter of and XML
  Extracting the database's name or path from the connection string
  Drawing Polygon with ALTERNATE and WINDING style
  RotatePicture - Rotate a 256-color bitmap by any angle (super-optimized version)
  DrawFlipImage - flipping an image on one or both axes
  DrawRotateImage - rotating an image by a specified angle
  DrawSkewImage - skewing an image by a given amount along one or both axes
  StringFromBSTR - Convert a BSTR to a VB string
  CreateIISVirtualDirectory - Creating an IIS virtual directory
  InsertionSort - A simple routine with minimal overhead
  How the System Deals with Text
  End points of the connection
  Simple Object Access Protocol: A Step-By-Step Approach by Syd Egan
  Using Classes and Structures in Visual Basic .NET
  Text At Any Angle
  Enabling Mouse Gestures with a WH_MOUSE hook
  XML Property Bag
  Adding Scroll Bars to Forms, PictureBoxes and User Controls
  Sophisticated Control Over Window Sizing and Moving
  Using the System Image List with (and without) vbAccelerator Controls
  vbAccelerator MDITabs Control
  Saving Pictures to JPG Files Using the Intel JPEG Library
  Perlin Noise
  Slow Grow
  Scale, Rotate, Skew and Transform Images using GDI+
  Detecting Mouse XButton Clicks
  .NET Button ListBar Control
  Flat Style Combo Boxes
  Adding Mouse Gesture Support to .NET Windows Applications
  .NET Remoting - Part I
  How Do I...Catch an Exception?
  Translating a Mapped Drive to a UNC Path
  Multithreading in VB.NET
  XML Web Services (RPC the Easy Way)
  Flat VS.NET Style Menus - Even on Windows 98
  Packet Capture and Analayzer
  Building Reusable Components in .NET
  Serialize VB.NET objects without the events
  Stopwatch - a High-Resolution code timer class
  HOWTO: Use the Spreadsheet Web Component with Visual Basic
  Build an OLAP Reporting App in ASP.NET Using SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and Office XP
  A Primer on Building a Color Picker User Control with GDI+ in Visual Basic .NET or C#
  Add Professional Quality Reports to Your Application with Visual Studio .NET
  INFO: Using Analysis Server Format Properties with the Office XP PivotTable Component
  HOWTO: Navigate Excel Objects from Visual Basic
  Working with AVI Files - Part 1 (Opening and Closing AVI file)
  Working with Arc API (Arc, ArcTo, AngleArc)
  Mixing Assembly with VB for super fast operations
  How to use BeginPath and EndPath to fill open shapes.
  Working with NT EventLog - Part 3 (Implementing CEventLog Class, Writing to EventLog)
  Drawing Chord using API
  Rotate graphics (Plygon, line, ellipse, image...) using world transformation technique
  How to create Region from a Bitmap and perform Hit Testing within a Region ?
  Working with Basic Filled Shapes using GDI API
  Rotating Image using PlgBlt API (Win 9x/ME not supported)
  Printing using GDI printing APIs
  Using LineDDA api to control each point of line.
  How to perform clipping using API
  Using GetPath and PolyDraw API to extract and draw path segments.
  Installing Service during Setup using Custom Action
  Custom Actions - Part 1
  Custom Actions - Part 2
  Language features - Variables and types

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