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Library : kernel32.dll  Category : File Management


Api Example(s)
  Check whether the current user is an administrator
  Wait for the termination of a program using Windows Scripting Host
  GetDriveTypeEx - Detect drive type, including CD or DVD driver
  GetFileDateInfo - Retrieve all date information about a file
  SetFileSize - Trim or extend a file's size
  CConsole - A class for creating console applications
  CheckWindowsUser - Validate a username/password pair
  ExeNameFromWindow - The name of the process that created a window
  CheckWindowsUser - Check whether a username/password pair is correct
  GetProcessesInfo - Retrieve information on active processes
  GetProcessModules - The list of DLLs and OCXes a process uses
  KillProcess - Terminate any application
  How to Kill a Program Process
  Running an EXE at a particular position with particular dimensions.
  Get the Number of Waiting Jobs of a specified Printer on your network
  Registering File Associations and Passing Command Line Parameters to an Existing App Instance
  Shell an application and wait asynchronously for completion
  Using PSAPI to get a complete task list and memory usage.
  How to Shutdown the System in Windows 9x and NT
  Forcing a local or remote NT system to reboot
  Console Application in VB (part 1)
  Check Access Rights to File/Directory on NTFS Volume
  How to perform Direct Read/Write to disk (low level I/O)
  Know the secrets of safe Multi-Threading in VB (For Advanced Users)
  How To Start a Process as Another User from Visual Basic
  Handling NTFS Permissions Part -1 (handling kernel object permissions)
  How to use Named Pipes in a Visual Basic 32-bit Program ?
  Sharing Data Between Processes Using Memory-Mapped Files
  Working with file time APIs
  Redirect command line output to textbox using CreatePipe API
  Monitor folder activities using ReadDirectoryChangesW API(Win9x/Me not supported)
  Encrypt/Decrypt file using Microsoft Crypto APIs (With User specific crypto key option)
  Appending One File to Another File
  Taking advantage of NTFS inbuilt compression using APIs (Only for NTFS file system)
  How To Read/Write Data File Using ReadFile and WriteFile API

API Description :
The CloseHandle function closes an open object handle.


VB Declaration :

Show Multiline        Public  Private

Parameters :
Return :
OS Requirement :
Requires Windows NT 3.1 or later
Requires Windows 95 or later
Dotnet Replacement :

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