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Library : UNKNOWN  Category : UNKNOWN


Api Example(s)
  SynchronizeDirectories - Synchronize the contents of two directories
  SynchronizeDirectoryTrees - Synchronize files in two directory trees
  CheckRegistryKey - Return True if a Registry key exists
  CreateRegistryKey - Create a key in the Registry
  DeleteRegistryValue - Delete a value from the Registry
  EnumRegistryKeys - Retrieve all the subkeys of a Registry key
  EnumRegistryValues - Retrieve all values under a Registry key
  EnumRegistryValuesEx - Get all values under a registry key, with related data and type
  GetRegistryValue - Read the value of a Registry key
  SetRegistryValue - Write a value in the Registry
  Check Access Rights to File/Directory on NTFS Volume
  How To Use High-Level Access Control APIs from Visual Basic
  Handling NTFS Permissions Part -1 (handling kernel object permissions)
  Handling NTFS Permissions Part-2 (handling user object permissions)
  Handling NTFS Permissions Part-3 (handling shared resource permissions)
  Handling NTFS Permissions Part-4 (handling registry key permissions)
  Handling NTFS Permissions Part-5 (handling printer permissions)
  Working with NT EventLog - Part 2 (Implementing CEventLog Class, Creating Event Source)
  How to run system clock slower/faster ?
  Language features - Array

API Description :


VB Declaration :

Show Multiline        Public  Private

Parameters :
Return :
OS Requirement :
Dotnet Replacement :

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