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Library : gdi32.dll  Category : _CategoryNotSet


Api Example(s)
  PrintRotatedText - Display a rotated message
  CreateEmf - creating an Enhanced Metafile (EMF) from a bitmap image
  GetScreenSnapshot - Capture a window or the entire screen
  Rotator - A class for printing rotated text to screen or the printer
  Tile image in MDI Background.
  Flicker Free API Drawing
  Text At Any Angle
  Creating ListView Style Groups with SGrid 2
  Using ecdClientDrawOnly with the Owner Draw Combo List Box Control
  True Colour DIBSection
  256 Colour DIBSections
  Creating a new GDI Bitmap from a VB Picture or DC
  Copy the entire contents of a PictureBox to the clipboard
  Create an API hFont from a VB StdFont object
  Replace one Colour with another in a Picture using BitBlt
  Create a mask image (all black for the transparent colour otherwise white) from a bitmap
  .NET Button ListBar Control
  Font ComboBox
  How to Change the ListView Header Style
  Path API Demo (BeginPath, EndPath, AbortPath)
  Working with AVI Files - Part 3 (Working With Frames, AVI to BMP)
  How to load BMP file into memory and perform rotation on it ?
  Load, Modify and Save 1, 4, 8, 15 (Bit-fields), 16, 24 and 32-bit Bitmaps using GDI Apis.
  How to create memory DC and bitmap using CreateCompatibleDC and CreateCompatibleBitmap API?
  How to use BeginPath and EndPath to fill open shapes.
  How to use CopyImage API to create a resized monochrome image from the color image ?
  Working with GDI Brush Object
  Rotate graphics (Plygon, line, ellipse, image...) using world transformation technique
  Scale, Translate, Shear, Reflect and Rotate graphics using World Transformation technique
  WindowPicker - Pick any window using mouse and highlight window region
  Working with Basic Filled Shapes using GDI API
  Rotating Image using PlgBlt API (Win 9x/ME not supported)
  Update/Delete Bitmap and String resource using API at runtime
  Capture Screen or any Active Window and print it to fit in one page
  Working with Resource file
  Printing using GDI printing APIs
  clsEMF : A class to Create/Play/Save Enhanced Meta File (EMF).
  Extract and Play individual record stored in WMF/EMF file

API Description :
The SelectObject function selects an object into the specified device context. The new object replaces the previous object of the same type.


VB Declaration :

Show Multiline        Public  Private

Parameters :
Return :
OS Requirement :
Requires Windows NT 3.1 or later
Requires Windows 95 or later
Dotnet Replacement :

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