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Library : UNKNOWN  Category : UNKNOWN


Api Example(s)
  Determine whether a folder is shared
  Determine whether a program is 16- or 32-bit
  Find out the Windows version a program require
  FilesToArray - Read all the files or subdirectories in a directory using API functions
  FolderHasSubfolders - Determine whether a directory has one or more subdirectories
  GetFileDescription - Get a file's description through Windows API
  GetFileIcon - Retrieve the icon associated to a file
  GetFileOwner - Get the owner of an NTFS file
  GetFilesInfo - Read all the information about all the files or subdires in a given path
  GetTempFile - Create a temporary file
  LongPathName - Convert a 8.3 file name to long format
  ShortPathName - Convert a long file name to 8.3 format
  ExeNameFromWindow - The name of the process that created a window
  GetDriveInfo - Drive serial number and other data
  GetExecutableFile - Find the program associated to a document file
  GetProcessesInfo - Retrieve information on active processes
  GetProcessModules - The list of DLLs and OCXes a process uses
  How to Convert Long File Name to Short File Name...
  Count the number of files in a given directory
  Determinate the number of bytes in a given directory including the subdirectories
  Getting the Correct Filename for a Shortcut
  Using PSAPI to get a complete task list and memory usage.
  System Image List
  How to open a file with Wordpad or Notepad
  How to take ownership of a file/folder ?
  Monitor folder activities using ReadDirectoryChangesW API(Win9x/Me not supported)
  How to get/set list of files copied in to clipboard using API
  Realtime Clipboard viewer (Subclassing technique)
  Performing FTP operation using WinInet APIs
  How to Encode/Decode URL using API
  How to extract various parts of URL using UrlGetPart API ?
  How to retrive and delete all internet cache entries?

API Description :


VB Declaration :

Show Multiline        Public  Private

Parameters :
Return :
OS Requirement :
Dotnet Replacement :

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